It’s Good To Be What You Want To Be

It’s Good To Be What You Want To Be

I am zooming towards 40. I am a tigress because I have stretch marks. I have a jelly belly, which I repeatedly tuck with one of the tummy tuckers tucked in numbers in closet drawers. My hair is gradually greying. Pigmentation has started erupting on my forehead. But hey girls, here it is.

Yes, I love my stretch marks. I am a proud mother of 2 extremely well behaved, dynamic children. Yes, my jelly belly shows when I put on something extremely dressy and fitted, but I don’t regret. My husband likes my curves. I wear a lot of good make up to hide my pigmentation. Believe me, the after results amaze me. I look beautiful to myself. I put on a red lipstick and I feel I am ready to rule the world. My hair is still luscious and I don’t hide the grey with hair colour. It is my proof of life experiences and I find my maturity sexy.

I walk with my head held high. I have my besties to fall upon and I extremely depend on them emotionally. We gossip, we cry, we laugh, and we are nasty to each other at times. But, I think it is very important to have your girl gang around when your hormones are playing the most. I flaunt them because I don’t think many women would have friends hanging around for more than 30 years around them. Yes, I am comfortable in where I am and what I am. That is one reason that I don’t constantly nag, crib, and complain. My husband loves me like we met yesterday.

I usually don’t write so much about my happy being, but I think it is time for women like me to accept their happiness and take pride in what they are. We are so busy complaining for things we don’t have that we overlook the things we have. It is time to come out and relish yourself and people around you. The time passed never comes back. You can just look behind and emote in accordance.

So, ladies… let people think we are bad ass and narcissist. But, all we do is accept ourselves in our own happy space and spread happiness by our heavily glossed smiles.

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