How Mothers Transform Into Maa Durga for Their Children

How Mothers Transform Into Maa Durga for Their Children

This is an incident that took place last year during Navratri – the festival where Goddess Durga fights many demons and emerges victorious. In short, this battle is about the victory of good over evil.

We ladies are always bestowed upon with titles like Mahalaxmi, Saraswati, Durga, Kali ka roop, and so on. But, certain circumstances in our lives make us believe that we women are capable of turning ourselves into any particular Devi as per the need of the hour.

This comes from the recent incident that made me write and share this with all you mothers out there who face similar situations like me. My three-year-old daughter has not been keeping well ever since the first day of Navratri, (the reason I’m mentioning Navratri here, is because my little one is a Garba fan just like her mom) and she hates sitting idle inside the house, not being able to play while listening to the music being played in the society premises. And you can imagine how badly I hated it, to see her like that, coughing continuously with those tiny watery eyes and nose. As a mom, I understood the fact that giving medicines to children repeatedly, that too for cold and cough, would do more harm than good. So this was the time when I readied myself for a battle against this illness-causing bug. I loaded myself with my homemade destructive weapons to cure her sickness. I made sure I gave her all the comfort she needed along with the magical benefits of honey, turmeric, warm ajwain chest rubs, steam and strictly no cough syrup.

All this time, when she was not well, I also noticed I had developed more superpowers. It’s extremely tough when kids fall sick, and all they want is your warmth. This would make it difficult to complete any other household chore. But then, I noticed how efficiently I managed to cook, clean, wash, eat, feed, buy groceries, take my home tuitions, and also use the toilet while holding a toddler in one hand. I even noticed that on regular days it would take me an hour to prepare lunch, whereas when my child was sick, the lunch was ready in half an hour, that too with n number of visits to keep her calm. One more interesting thing I’ve come across is, I hardly notice any change on the weighing scale even after following strict diets and exercise. But, whenever my child falls sick, we both lose weight simultaneously!

So cheers to all the lovely mommies who play the role of Maa Durga throughout the year to teach those Asuras (bugs that make our children ill) a lesson and keep them at bay. Happy parenting to all!

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