Here’s What You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression

Here's What You Need to Know About Postpartum Depression

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Being a first-time mom, I was baffled and blank about what to expect after delivery. I had read a lot about pregnancy, postpartum, baby care, etc. during the nine months of pregnancy. However, post-delivery, I was still scared and confused. I didn’t know how to feed, or how to take care of my baby girl. My main concern was that I was not able to give adequate attention to her since I had undergone a C-section. Those who have gone through a similar situation can clearly understand what I’m trying to say. We want to take complete care of our babies, but face a lot of limitations. Don’t get me wrong. I love and appreciate it when my mother takes care of my baby. But I wish I could do more. I suffered another heartbreak when I realised I couldn’t produce breast milk for my baby girl! I have always known, that all the women in my family either had less breast milk production or none. I tried all the possible home remedies like consuming fenugreek, onion rice, etc. before my delivery to increase breast milk. Alas, nothing worked in the end, even though I tried my best. I also read that many women start noticing milk oozing out of their breasts, even before delivery. However, I wasn’t successful. I didn’t express a single drop for up to two days after my delivery! Such situations tend to draw one into depression.

I am writing this completely based on my own experience. I started expressing about 3ml milk after two days. However, even though that quantity was next to negligible for my baby girl, it was a lot for me! I couldn’t bear to hear her crying and switched to top feed soon after.

I want to give a message to all the women out there – the new moms and expectant women alike, and their families. Please support our ladies who are going through postpartum depression. Do know, that it’s a common phase faced by many, and will soon fade over time. Don’t worry. Keep smiling and let your new baby see you happy. Good luck!

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