Staying With In-Laws is a Blessing for Us and Our Child

A mother wants the best for her child. She wants to provide her child with everything they ask for and more, and raise him in a safe and healthy environment. And when I say a safe environment for my child, I cannot imagine it without my in-laws!

Not everyone gets the chance to live with their in-laws, especially in these times, when we are experiencing rapid change in everything. Raising a child alone is challenging but when you’ve your in-laws with you, it becomes easier. The child learns about love, perseverance, adaptability & responsibility, as he is exposed to so many situations in a joint family. They also take time to teach the child various valuable lessons. And a child grows up to an individual with good manners.

Children who get to live with their in-laws tend to learn a lot of things. They get a chance to live with people of different ages, which gives them a perspective for life through different eyes.

In this busy world, where in most cases, both mother and father are working parents, it can become hard for parents to give quality time to their kids. But this void can be definitely fulfilled if in-laws are there in the house. They not only take care of kids but also teach them about love and bonding, and provide them with the knowledge they need.

In today’s world, living in a nuclear family is demanding. With ever-changing technology, kids can misuse them, which can be avoided if they have someone to spend time with at home. The love, the care and the teaching that a child receives from the elders of the family definitely helps them become a better person and prepares them for a challenging and demanding environment.

Last but not the least, I can say that living with in-laws is a safe haven. It’s good for children and it’s definitely a boon!

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