The Art of Understanding the Minds of Different Ages Comes from Patience and Inner Strength

The Art of Understanding the Minds of Different Ages Comes from Patience and Inner Strength

It is not easy to raise your child as you want if you are staying with in-laws. You often suffer in a situation when you probably can’t make things happen as per your choice. It’s due to the generation gap. The comfort of today’s lifestyle might appear as a wastage of money to them. You might have to listen bitter words on the use of diapers, bath tubs, and carry cots. They may have different eating habits, with excess carbs that you definitely would not allow for your growing child. They may use a language with local slang words… But how can you stop them?

One can’t change it in a moment. But, definitely, one should not compromise on the child’s future, because no one other than you can best prepare your child to face the future. It should be a part of their learning to not give up and always be ready for a future with many obstacles. So, the most important thing, I feel, is to stay calm and raise your inner strength, so that you cannot be moved away from your path just by someone else’s words.

Don’t be bad to your in-laws in your heart. Don’t argue with them. Try to understand that they might also be facing changes due to the ageing in their bodies. Sometimes, their rudeness might just be a reflection of their discomfort, and they might be needing a little care and love. They are not ready for every change, and they need time to analyse things.

It’s really a tough job to stay in others’ nests and try to spread your wings. Try to develop trust in their hearts for you. It should not be a battle for winning arguments, but should be a battle for winning hearts. Just keep trying; don’t give up, because it’s all about your child’s future.

Also, remember that they are the only ones whom you can trust for your child, with no doubts. They may make you cry, but cannot make your child cry. And, of course, they are your responsibility, just like your child. This is what you will teach your child – how to understand the minds of different ages, and win different hearts to succeed in life. It’s not simply mastering of techniques that can make your child successful. So, develop your patience and inner power with dhyan and yog. Keeping your surroundings happy can only make you feel happy. And, a happy nest is always best for the development of a child!

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