Dedication Towards Bringing Up New Life: A Journey of Patience and Joy

Dedication Towards Bringing Up New Life: A Journey of Patience and Joy

6 April, 2019, was the day my daughter was born. I had a C-section delivery. My milk supply came late, and that day, I fed her two times. The second day, she cried a lot as my milk supply was not sufficient. Then, we discussed our problem with the doctor. I hand-pumped the milk from my breasts for 15 days to increase my flow. Then, after 20 days, the flow was excellent.

I breastfed my daughter till 15 months, continuously. Even at night, I pumped the milk, and fed her during the first month. My dedication towards my daughter was to give her enough breast milk  to build her immunity. Day or night, I have fed her, as breast milk contains water. We have to feed our babies again and again.

Breastfeeding created a special bond between me and my daughter. She used to laugh and play with me while she came for feeding. Breast milk is very important when the baby is not eating well during the teething phase. I have eaten a good, nutritious diet to increase milk supply. As you breast feed the baby, the milk supply also increases. This has helped me. C-section is more painful in the initial days as you have to sit and breast feed the child. And feeding breast milk is more important in the initial days, as it increases your milk supply. But I worked on pumping, with dedication. My mother used to give me support while sitting. Starting six months, I used to feed every two hours. Sometimes, sitting was also painful during the night.

Many mothers may give formula milk, but I never gave that to my daughter. I gave breast
milk only. Breast feeders wake up early, as the milk is easily digestible. But, still I fed that only. I had nuts and dry fruit laddoos for six months for good milk supply. It was a journey of dedication and joy while breastfeeding. Thank you!

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