10 Must Haves in Your Diaper Bag!!

10 Must Haves in Your Diaper Bag!!

Diaper Bag – The one which replaces the elegant handbag on your shoulder.
You don’t have a choice but to carry it after your baby is born.

Now let’s have a quick look at 10 must-have things in your diaper bag, apart from, of
course, the diapers.

1. Hand Sanitizer

A hand sanitizer would be the first must-have in your diaper bag. There are a lot of brands to
choose from and it has a lot of variants. Select the one that fits your bag. (You don’t have to
carry a big 250ml bottle in your bag). Sanitizers come with a bag tag, so that you can hang
them on the sides of your bag for easy reach. Choose a mild one for infants.

2. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes come handy when you have to wipe out the poop. It’s used to clean your baby’s
soft skin during a diaper change. Now, go for a milder one for younger babies. And don’t compromise on the quality.

3. Nappy Changing Mat

Now, this one is essential if you have an infant. It can be laid upon the changing table while
you change the diapers. Some diaper bags come with a changing mat, while some don’t. If your diaper bag doesn’t have one, please buy a good quality one and don’t forget to wash after everyday use.

4. Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are essential if you want to discard a soiled diaper. Instead of folding the plastic
carry bags for this use, go for small-sized trash bags. They come in as a roll, so it won’t
occupy space and it’s easy to identify and use, among the other things.

5. Extra Clothes

Of course, you will carry some extra clothes for your baby. This point is for you. Always carry
an extra shirt and pant for yourselves, just in case your baby decides to pee or poop when
you carry her. Now, take a lightweight one and don’t carry heavy clothings like jeans, to add
extra weight.

6. Toys

Always put in one or two of your child’s favourite toys in the diaper bag. This will come in
handy when they throw a tantrum or become cranky. It could be a rattler for an infant or a
small soft toy for your toddler or a Thomas train for your kid.

7. Medicine

Now, this is one important thing to carry always. We do not know when the child will fall sick.
So having some basic medicines ready, will help in need. Pack them in a ziplock bag, after
taping the bottle necks, to avoid any spills.

8. Bathing Essentials

When you decide to travel for a day or two, it is always advisable to carry travel-sized bath
lotions and moisturizers. A bar soap may not be used as easy as a bath lotion.

9. Bottles, Sippers, Formula feed

These are the inevitable part of your diaper bag. Have the formula powder always full
and try to use a multi-compartment holder, with each just filled in with the exact quantity you use.
Have a minimum of 2 feeding bottles. Or more if you plan to feed the baby often. It’s always
better to clean them at home.

10. Towel

A good towel will come in handy at, any times as a nursing cover, blanket or just swaddler.
It’s also good to take a few small cloth towels to use as a burp cloth.

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