The Bumpy Phase and a Pop That Can Never Be Forgotten

The Bumpy Phase and a Pop That Can Never Be Forgotten

My entire bumpy phase was of 268 days. Huge, isn’t it?

With each passing day, the world inside your body gets heavier. Your appearance gets weird and wide. Caring about yourself has never been that important. Everyone you come across gives you advice. But what you want to do or what you don’t want to do completely depends upon you. Trust your instinct ladies! I bet they work as wonders during those 9 months. The bumpy phase changes your life dramatically, and the funny part is that you won’t understand that change during the whole phase. The flow of happy hormones will take you to a wonderland, mommy-to-be, and the tiny creature growing inside your wonder body will occupy the biggest piece of your heart.

This phase taught me the holy presence of God and his supernatural power given to us to become mothers.

Then, the day! Our day! The big day comes!

All of us are told from the very beginning that we are doing well and won’t need a c-section. But then, some of us are suddenly told that the operation theatre is ready and we have to go for surgery. With the lower body numbed by painful spinal anaesthesia, we are able to see the entire childbirth procedure from incision to stitches. A 7.7-pound infant carefully being pulled out from a 6-inch long incision. Every delivery is painful, tough and special regardless of the method. We all are heroines of our lives; aren’t we?

The pop-up day passes slow motion as if the clock has stopped. A broad spectrum of feelings arises on the day. One single day will make you feel everything from concern and anxiety to relief and happiness, and from terror to suddenly being clueless about
handling the baby.

No doubt, there is no better feeling than the moment you see your baby for the first time, but there’s one more feeling that is equally sweet when you see your family, especially your partner holding the baby.

The whole day will be spent staring at the stranger you have known and then badly missing that stranger in your belly who was tagging with you for nine months.

A day, a pop, that can never ever be forgotten.

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