Is There Anything Such As the ‘Right Time’ to Have a Baby?

Let me start with the truth that I realised after I came to know that I am homing a little human inside my body: the truth is that there is no right time, and the time is always right while bringing a new life into the world.

There will always be something out of sync, like your age, relationship, financial status, career; the list of barriers is endless. Maybe you are at the top of your career, or your relationship is not ready yet to add a third wheel to it; having a baby is an expensive affair, and you are not financially stable to provide the picture-perfect life you imagined. There are numerous sacrifices associated with the little bundle of joy. It is just a matter of priority.

So again, the question here is, is there any right time to have a baby?

The answer completely depends upon you. The right time to have a baby is when you feel that the time is right. And, when the news comes out – yes, the good news! – suddenly, the carefree couple is promoted to cautious parents. The parents are promoted to grandparents, and grand to great-grand. The happiness measuring scale exceeds as the grade increases. The good news brings so much joy, power, and miracles with

All the while, you are just doing two things – either you are talking to your baby, or planning things related to your baby. It alters you forever, and you realise how fragile your life is. You can never be the old you again, and you will be amazed to see a new side of yourself.

Expecting a baby is just the beginning – there is so much more to those incredibly beautiful, hard, challenging, and seemingly ever-ending 9 months. Those 2 lines are enough to make everything feel alright.

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