Postpartum Care – The Care of a New Mother After Delivery!

Postpartum Care: The Care of a New Mother After Delivery!

Nine months of pregnancy, labour and delivery can transform a woman’s body to a large extent. To bring the body back to its pre-pregnancy state and rebuild strength, it takes both time and care. The postpartum period begins right after delivery and extends to up until 6 weeks. Here are some quick pointers that can be helpful for a newbie mother.

1. Check if You Have the Below Items

  • Maxi Pads
  • Nursing Bra
  • Breast pads
  • Maternity Support Belt
  • Pain relieving spray/Balm (in case of backache)

2. Take Rest

Get plenty of rest. Breastfeeding may not allow you 8 hours of sleep. However, babies sleep longer after their baths, so utilize this time to cope up with your tiredness. Leave the household chores to family members.

3. Get Help

Do not hesitate to take help as this is not just the time to heal but also to adjust to motherhood. In fact, one must arrange for an elderly or experienced family member to stay at home – if not a family member then a friend or even an assistant – well in advance before the delivery date.

4. Give Importance to Postpartum Massages

A massage aids in relieving stress by increasing the blood circulation in the body. It induces better sleep and one feels more relaxed. It can be started 3-4 days after delivery. For those who’ve had a C-section, a massage near the tummy or abdomen area should be avoided.

5. Eat Healthily

Traditional practices involve making nutrient-dense food for the new breastfeeding mother often filled with ghee, nuts and ajwain like atta ladoo, makhana mixture, panjiri, etc. Here is what you should include in your diet to stay healthy:
  • Calcium – 3-4 glasses of milk/other dairy products
  • Vitamin C – 2-3 bowls of green vegetables and fruits
  • Protein -3-4 bowls of pulses/dal

Woman eating salad

6. Drink Lots of Water 

This point needs to be stressed upon as breastmilk is 75% water. Hence, keep a jug by your side to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Most moms will automatically feel more thirsty!

7. Avoid the Following

  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Gas-producing foods like bell pepper, onions, radish, etc.

8. Avoid Medicines, Unless Prescribed by the Doctor

Your doctor will advise you to avoid taking any medicines during illness and to depend on home remedies instead.

9. Break the Myth!

There are some seriously exaggerated myths related to postpartum care, majorly emerging from tradition. Not going out, not using mobile phones or watching TV, even not switching on the fan in summers are some myths associated with postpartum care. In case there are some wounds/stitches which are yet to heal, the doctor might ask you to wait longer before you step out. Taking slow walks outside will make you feel refreshed, of course!

10. Do Not Forget to Take Your Calcium and Iron Supplements

They are necessary for both you and your baby to stay healthy and strong.

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