Getting Admitted With Fever When the Entire Nation Was Under Lockdown

Getting Admitted With Fever When the Entire Nation Was Under Lockdown

I was admitted for my delivery in the month of April when the entire nation was under lockdown. I was asked to get admitted because I didn’t feel the contractions even though they were severe. So, I packed my bags and reached the hospital. I didn’t know I had a temperature until I was checked since my bp and the baby’s heartbeat had been erratic.

Once it was concluded that I had a fever, the duty doctor and the nurse got worried thinking I might have had the dreaded coronavirus. They didn’t know how to proceed. Then, they contacted my gynaecologist, and she told them to give me paracetamol. Not having my husband next to me (well he was caught up in another country due to the COVID issue), and the fever added to my worry.

Once the fever subsided, I was put under observation. Then, my gynaecologist came and checked me. Since I was not feeling the contractions, the increased heartbeat of the baby and the fever, she popped the amniotic sac, so once I start feeling the labour pain, I would be able to deliver.

Around 10 in the night, my sac was ruptured and once again I was put under observation. As time went by, I started feeling the pain, and at one stage, I couldn’t handle it anymore. I started shouting that I wanted a caesarean immediately. The doctors waited for me to dilate enough to deliver naturally since I was dilated only 2 cms.

They prepared for my delivery the next morning at 11 and asked me to push. I didn’t have the urge to push. Once again, when they checked, I hadn’t dilated at all, but the baby had come down. So they decided to go for vacuum delivery. Finally, after 16 hrs of labour, I delivered my baby boy. Even though it was tiring, and stressful due to the pandemic, the happiness of having our little bundle of joy in my hands made me feel worth going through the pain.

I want all the to-be-moms to know that your labour might seem extremely painful and difficult, but be strong and don’t worry. Everything will be fine once you hold your bundle of joy in your hands.

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