Motherhood: The Struggle and Journey From Being Independent to a Mother!

Motherhood: The Struggle and Journey From Being Independent to a Mother!

It was a festive day, the day of Vaisakhi – an important festival for Punjabis. My father, who is no more ,was born on Vaisakhi. My mother had a dream after my marriage, that my baby will be born on Vaisakhi. Her intuition came true.

My daughter was born on 13 April, 2016, and my mom lovingly calls her Vaisakha Singh.
I smiled the whole night upon seeing my baby; it was like a dream come true. It was the day that my life changed completely. I left my job, and decided to give all my time and energy to my angel.

The journey from being free birds to responsible parents began. My husband was working in Shimla, and I was working in Chandigarh. We enjoyed our independent lives with our long distance relationship.

Then, my motherhood began. Initially, it was very tiring. No sleep, no routine… But it felt good, having the sweet feeling of being a mother. I decided to put a routine in place for us – waking up early, having meals on time, having play time and nap time, and so on. My daughter got used to this routine after some struggle. I felt bad sometimes, being hard on her, but I have other responsibilities, too, such as the responsibility of being a daughter-in-law.

I remember when she started saying ‘papa’ so early, although it was ‘mom’ who takes care of her more than ‘papa’!

From taking care of her diet that includes soups, porridge, banana and curd, to her physical development that is rolling, sitting, crawling to walking, I was very curious about it. Then schooling began. it was again the mother’s role to help her child read and write. And now in this coronavirus pandemic I have to become her teacher also.

As she is growing up, she is sharing a strong, unbreakable, and emotional bond with me. I love this motherhood, despite the hard work and struggle behind it. So, everyone, enjoy this motherhood!

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