It's Okay If You Want to Be Away From Your Child for Some Time - Don't Feel Guilty!

It’s Okay If You Want to Be Away From Your Child for Some Time – Don’t Feel Guilty!

I have been a mother for 10 months now and it has been the most amazing experience ever. But there were times when I used to wish that somebody could just take my child out for a stroll for some time and that I could be alone. Later, I used to feel guilty that I felt that way. But I have realised with time that it’s completely okay to be tired of being around your child because you need some time to yourself as well. This feeling does not make you a bad mother nor does it mean that you don’t love your child. It just means that you need some time to recharge your batteries before you get into your Supermom suit again.It’s fine if you want some time away from your child but when you are with him, make sure you are with him wholeheartedly as he’s growing up every day. Kids become very curious and are always discovering new things as they grow older – trying to taste, pull and touch something or the other. This is how they learn about everything around them but this can be dangerous as well. Play with your child as much as you can. Also, talk to your child all the time when you are with him.My child hasn’t started to talk yet but he is always conversing with me. He is always trying to say something to me, so I just answer him and laugh with him as if I understand what he is saying. He loves it when I do that and he seems very happy when we talk. We talk to each other all the time; after all, you don’t need a language for love.
So, it is okay if you want to be away from your child for a while. There is nothing to feel guilty about, but when you’re with him, don’t forget to pay attention to your child. Being away from your child is not neglecting your child, but being with your child and not paying attention to him surely is.

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