Ideas for a Simple Yet Delicious Breakfast for Your Notorious Toddler

Ideas for a Simple Yet Delicious Breakfast for Your Notorious Toddler

Breakfast, the first meal of the day is to be planned appropriately as it helps in having a pleasant start and enjoying strength-giving food. Almost all parents tell their kids to finish their breakfast without a fuss. But it is not easy with notorious toddlers who love to run here and there, leaving everything behind. Here are a few delicious breakfast suggestions that are perfect for toddlers.Serving interesting food in a kid-friendly manner helps him enjoy his breakfast. A toddler needs to have a healthy start to be active throughout the day.


It is the easiest breakfast recipe. Upma when added to some finely chopped veggies like carrot, potatoes, onion, peas turns colourful and tasty. Add chillis according to your taste. With a spoonful of ghee, this turns into a wonderful option. Try simple vermicelli Upma.


Idli is one of the perfect breakfast options in Indian households. Toddlers after a few days get bored with the same white coloured idli. So you can add palak puree which turns it green. Grate some carrot and serve a different type of idli. Changing colour attracts kids and it is also loaded with many nutrients.


A tasty recipe which is a good start for breakfast. Cheese dosa is a good option to serve for toddlers. For a change, make sprouts dosa which is rich in protein. To attract kids, make small sized dosas as it is easy to eat. Ragi dosa is also a good option for a healthy start. Wheat dosa fills the tummy of a toddler.


The most delicious North Indian recipe loaded with goodness. Potatoes, paneer, palak or spinach, fenugreek or methi, green peas, beetroot, bottle gourd and others are perfect options to make a lip-smacking paratha. Roast it with ghee and add the veggies you want your toddler to have as this is a whole meal.


Along with parathas, puri is another option for breakfast. To attract your toddler, make the puri in smaller sizes. Palak puri, beetroot puri are colourful and healthy along with regular ones. Also try aloo puri whicu is a good choice.


Eggs are an easy and healthy breakfast option for toddlers. Offer it by boiling or make a tasty omelette, it is totally nutritious. Use different shapes to make it attractive to your toddler.

Along with these simple yet delicious breakfast options try offering your toddler sweets and milkshakes that energise him and support his growth.

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