30 Effective Baby Care Tips for Monsoon and Winters

30 Effective Baby Care Tips for Monsoon and Winters

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Monsoon is here and winters are on the way. Sickness and certain infectious diseases are quite common around these times and proper hygiene and care can help our little ones stay safe. Here are a few points that can help.

  1. Baby’s room should be clean and well-ventilated, always.
  2. Change bedspread at regular intervals.
  3. Stored clothes tend to get fungal layers on them so keep cleaning the cupboards often.
  4. Make sure that you use only boiled water for your child up until he turns seven years of age.
  5. Keep cold and cough medicines, fever medicine, and thermometer handy.
  6. Mosquito nets can be used for babies. If your child is older, try to use mosquito repellents or mosquito nets for the whole bed.
  7. It can be hot during the day and in the evenings it can be cold, Dress your baby according to the weather.
  8. Avoid giving a bath to your baby when it rains outside and when he is sick.
  9. Keep your house clean and do not allow stagnant water at any place as these are the breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  10. Ensure to you use only branded skin products for your baby.
  11. Some babies tend to sweat a lot because of the humidity in the atmosphere. But if it’s cold outside, bathe your baby at noon when it’s slightly hot. And use an antiseptic soap or sponge while giving him a bath.
  12. Diapers can cause diaper rashes, avoid them if possible, allow the skin to breathe. If you have to use diapers for your little one, make sure you change them frequently as they could pee more in this season than usual.
  13. Always carry a raincoat or an umbrella blanket towel when going out with your baby. And keep a diaper bag ready always.
  14. Before visiting your doctor ensure to have a prior appointment to avoid waiting time.
  15. Ensure to stay isolated even in hospital in case if you are visiting.
  16. Avoid massaging your baby if the weather is too cold. Else you can warm the oil and store it and use it regularly.
  17. Ensure electrical wires are proper and safe.
  18. Mop your baby’s room every day using a disinfectant.
  19. Avoid taking your baby out to crowded places or parks.
  20. Use socks, booties, and caps for your newborn.
  21. Trim your baby’s nails frequently to prevent him from scratching himself.
  22. Wash your baby’s hair once or twice in a week, and not more than that.
  23. Ensure to use diaper rash cream or warm coconut oil to tackle rashes.
  24. Avoid using too many baby skin products.
  25. Clean and disinfect your baby’s toys on a regular basis.
  26. Keep your baby well hydrated. If your child is a little older, keep a track of his water intake.
  27. Avoid giving processed foods to your child. Include more of immunity-boosting foods available naturally.
  28. Make sure you take your child for vaccination on time.
  29. Don’t hesitate to seek help/advice when needed.
  30. Keep monitoring your baby after sleep too.

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