Method to Deal With the "Tantrums of Terrible Twos Kids"

Method to Deal With the “Tantrums of Terrible Twos Kids”

How many moms out there are dealing with tantrums of terrible twos? Is it almost all moms of kids aged 18-30 months. Well, I am in the same boat as you all.
I am currently dealing with the stubbornness of my kid (aged 23 months) and his tears in every single matter, no matter what. They want everything as per their way. They fight with siblings over toys and even vessels, Yes, that’s right! They want the same toys, the same vessels and the same paint colours to play with. Our normal reaction to their actions is to shout at them and try to keep them quiet. Are we right in doing so? Every one will say no. Well, yes you all are right, we are wrong in shouting at our kids.
Well, this is the time when kids develop emotions and express those emotions. Our kids do not understand what is right and what is wrong. They only express what they want. The best way as per me is to deal with their growing tantrums is
– To fulfil their wish if it is not harmful.
– If tantrums grow too much then be quiet, keep your patience, try counting till 10 to not lose your control.
-When they calm down, explain to them what was the expected behaviour required. Yes, we are not supposed to over-explain because they are too young to understand it all.
– My personal belief is, the vibrations we pass to our kids affect them. In your mind keep telling yourself that they are calm, they are at peace, they are powerful. Such vibrations do affect our kids.
– Stop negative vibrations to be passed on to the kids at home. If anyone at home passes on the negative vibrations such as the kids have become stubborn and the child gets angry too soon. Explain to them about this phase with a positive attitude and that such phase will pass out soon. We as elders have to keep our calm at this stage and let our kids express their emotions.
If we shout at them, we teach our kids to not express their emotions and we all will agree this is not good for the kids in the long term.
Dear moms out there do not worry, be happy and make your child a happy child.

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