Find Yourself in the Chaos of This World. Don’t Lose Yourself Because Someone Didn’t Know Your Worth

Find Yourself in the Chaos of This World. Don't Lose Yourself Because Someone Didn't Know Your Worth

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THE WORLD TODAY IS SUCH A PLACE! Chaos is what is left of today, with every being struggling to live. We can no more rely on someone else’s will.
It’s hard to have your opinion in this world, but remember it’s the only thing you will not regret.
Most are those who will give you words of sympathy, and say that time will change everything, and move on. Rare are those who hold your hand and say, I will be with you through this time.
Don’t lose yourself trying to meet everybody’s expectations; it is human nature never to be pleased.
Don’t lose yourself for someone who doesn’t respect your feelings, for that person will never know the sweetness of affection and empathy.
Don’t lose yourself for those who make you feel less capable; they don’t know what you were before you met them.
Don’t lose yourself for those who blame you for the situation; they will not admit their role which led to it.
Don’t lose yourself for those who do not value your tears; they can sleep as you cry alone.
Don’t lose yourself for those who don’t make you feel prioritised in life; if they are not doing it now, they never will.
Don’t lose yourself for those who do not encourage you to meet your goals; they are the ones who never had dreams.
Don’t lose yourself for those who think you are not strong. They are unaware of the struggles that made you strongest. They are unaware that you chose to show them your scars because of the love you have for them, that you chose to show the side of you the world had never seen.
Find yourself, pull yourself out from the chaos. You can do it, because you were always the strong one. Don’t let others pull you down with them.
There are always those rare people around you who will be happy to see you shine. Live for them.
Finally, we are the choices we make for ourselves. Depend on no one for your well-being and happiness. This is the best you can do for yourself in this chaotic world.

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