'All for One and One for All' Makes a Happy Family

‘All for One and One for All’ Makes a Happy Family

Like a happy mind makes a happy body, the same way happy people make a happy family. The basic lessons that we learn at home from our elders like helping each other, sharing, respecting elders, being kind and most importantly, loving each other, all these are the traits which make a happy family. People who eat together, spend time with each other and help one another make the best family. This is true even with friends.It’s summertime; therefore, we can invite our children to help us out with household chores, religious acts, morning walks, yoga, exercise, etc. This will not only give us an opportunity to spend time with our kids but also lets them effectively utilise their holidays. And who knows, they might even discover some of their hidden talents and interests. Parents must make sure that the entire family eats at least one meal all together so that they can talk to each other and be away from televisions, mobile phones, etc. If you can – in fact, I say we all must – plant new trees together. Each person must plant one tree and take care of it. This will teach us all to take care of them and each other as well. With this activity, our nurturing instincts shall come through naturally.Try new dishes out together in the kitchen with your better half and children so that they understand that it is not just the woman’s job to do so but that everyone can do it, and it will seem absolutely normal to them to work in the kitchen. This will help in destroying the taboos.Teach your girls to take care of activities like getting vegetables and fruits from the market. Similarly, teach them certain bank-related activities so that they can learn to be independent. All this will create oneness and result in a better lifestyle, thus creating quality life and happy minds.

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