This Is How I Saved My Baby from Skin Rashes!

This Is How I Saved My Baby from Skin Rashes!

Once my daughter was born, I became more observant and began to notice things around me better. Rashes, rough hair, dry skin, and whitish marks on the baby’s washed clothes …do these sound familiar?

If yes, then you too are facing the troubles of hard water as I did a few months ago. I stay in a beautiful apartment in a metro city and when these problems started to show, I never thought it could be due to something that seems so harmless – ‘the water’ we use daily for various purposes.

It’s not that the problem wasn’t there earlier, but once you become a mother, you start paying a bit more attention to everything related to your little one. With a baby at home, there are a lot of things for which water is required. Whether it is for bathing or washing the baby’s clothes, bedding, bottles, etc., hard water is harsh. A simple solution, KENT water softener, solves all hard water problems.

Here are a few signs of Hard Water troubles that I was facing on a regular basis:

hard water deposit
  1. My little one was born with beautiful curly, hair but after every wash, I could feel the hair becoming rougher.
  1. I could see light pinkish rashes after I cleaned the diaper area with clean water.
  1. The liquid detergent I was using to wash my little one’s feeding bottle wasn’t lathering much.
  1. The baby’s skin felt a little dry after a wash even though I wasn’t using any products on her.
  1. The clothes would have sticky white marks even when I washed them twice.
  1. Yellow stains on the tiles of washroom or kitchen sink, even though these get cleaned regularly.
Like many of the moms out there, I turned to Google to find the answer for my troubles, and that’s when I got to know what sort of water trouble I was in. I always knew about hard water, but the fact that it could affect our daily life so much came as a surprise to me.
To all those moms/dads who are reading this and don’t know about hard water, here is some information:

1. What is hard water?

Hard water is caused by dissolved mineral salts like calcium and magnesium. The degree of hardness increases as the calcium and magnesium content increases in water.

2. How does hard water affect your baby’s skin?

Human skin pH is normally acidic, but hard water has high alkalinity. This means that it can raise pH of the skin surface, damaging the skin barrier and leaving it exposed to pathogenic bacteria.
The minerals present in hard water can cause diaper rashes and dryness leading to cracked skin.

Well, now that I got to know the culprit behind all the troubles I was facing, it was time to take some action. I spoke to my husband about this and he recalled one of his friends talking about water softeners at his place. We searched online to find out how this works and whether it is actually something we want to spend money on.
Being a financial planner of the house (aren’t all women the budget ministers of the family?) he left this responsibility to me. To be honest, in the last two years since my little one was born, I had spent so much money on changing shampoos, detergent, soaps, and whatnot, in a hope to make the situation better that I was ready to find a permanent solution for these troubles.

Here are a few things you must consider when buying a water softener for your home:

  • The amount of water that gets used in your house on a daily basis
  • Hardness of the water
  • Easy-to-install and easy-to-use appliance
  • A trusted brand
  • Consumes less detergent and, in turn, water
  • Shouldn’t increase the electricity bill
  • Do your research and speak to the experts/brand representatives to know more about the product you plan to buy.

I found all these and much more with Kent water softener. I am already using a couple of products from this brand, so I was sure of the quality and services.

  • KENT Water Softener – Simple Solution for all Hard Water Problems
  • Easily fits in a bathroom
  • Uses no electricity
  • Offers free installation
  • Affordable regeneration using common salt
washing feeding bottle

This is how I solved hard water problem in my house, if you too are facing these problems, then it is time to pay attention and take some steps for better health of your loved ones. To get your home’s water hardness tested for FREE, click here. I have seen some visible changes like the staining on bathroom fixtures has disappeared, my son’s skin rashes have reduced, and my hair feels softer.

Hope this blog has helped you understand hard water and its solution. Please don’t forget to share the steps you have taken to tackle the situation in your house in the comment section below.

Happy Parenting!

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