Pregnancy Moments That We Both Enjoyed

Pregnancy Moments That We Both Enjoyed

Hey, Baby!

Now it’s been 1.5 years since you came into this world. Here, you have met your dad, grandparents, friends and other people. But before coming here, we were connected peacefully in our little world which God gave to us alone.

When I first found out about you, I was really happy. Your dad was very happy and he started caring for you from day one. He protected both of us and is still protecting. My dear, both of us are blessed to have him in our lives.

Day by day, you grew inside me making me blissful and making me enjoy my pregnancy journey. When we were in our first trimester, it was a little hard for me, though I enjoyed it. You didn’t like evening hours and also you hated dal which was my favourite. But as time passed, and you started growing, I guess you understood me emotionally.

My baby, we enjoyed our second trimester a lot. You asked for lots of sweets, which you do now as well. Yes, I ate lots of sweets because of you – to make you happy. But I am not a big fan of sweets. Weird right? Yes, we both travelled through this joyous and crazy fun moments.

When we entered our third trimester you were fully loaded with naughtiness. You danced when music was played. You kicked a lot in my womb and I enjoyed it. You were a really good player then. Here and there, I experienced pain which was all healed by your father.

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Your dad was my backbone. He was with us throughout these phases. You grew bigger and bigger, ready to face the real world. As the time approached you were ready and eagerly waiting to come out. Yes, you were very eager to see the world that you came 12 days earlier before the due date.

You loved me a lot and I know that dear. You didn’t give me struggles during my labour. You were quick and I know that you didn’t want me to experience labour pain. Such a lovely boy you are!

You made me a complete woman. You made your father proud. We have a beautiful family now. The feeling inside me when I became your mother reminds me of my dear mother. I wish she would have been with us at that moment. I am blessed to be your mother, my boy. I love you dear and I know you love me more than anything in this world. You are my little sunshine. You are my universe.

The journey of us would always remain in my heart and I will cherish it always!

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