My Breastfeeding Journey During Both My Deliveries

My Breastfeeding Journey During Both My Deliveries

The doctors and nurses placed my baby girl in my arms just after she was born and instructed me to breastfeed her. Colostrum is the first golden yellow liquid, which acts as a vaccine for infants and is essential to feed the baby after birth. Since I had a normal delivery, I followed my doctor’s advice and breastfed my baby. She’s my second girl child, so I was accustomed to handling her.

While nursing my baby, my nipples were soared, cracked and bleeding. When I used to feed every 1 1/2 hours, I use to feel excruciating pain. Furthermore, feeding the infant while sitting in a position where you have stitches and are unable to sit due to intense pain is difficult. Even yet, I had to feed her since I knew it was just temporary and that I would recover and be free of this trauma soon.

To heal my nipples, I used to apply ghee or a nipple care cream, but that didn’t help! So after 15 days, when the baby began to take out saliva from her mouth, my nipples got much better and started to heal. After that, once my stitches were fully healed, I could easily hold my daughter in my lap and feed her without pain. All that is required during this time is patience, as well as a supportive husband and family who would look after you and the baby.

Now that my baby is nine months old, I enjoy breastfeeding her at all hours of the day and night, forgetting about the excruciating pain I experienced during the first few months. Still, it’s all part of my lifetime memories of a remarkable experience. I desire and hope that reach out to as many new or would-be mothers as possible to encourage them to take extra care and keep patience with their feeding journey.
So that was my breastfeeding experience in the first few days post-delivery.

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