My Journey of Pregnancy: A Bliss!


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‘Sharing is Caring’ – A line from infant rhymes is not just a line but more of a fact. Mindfully, the journey from the first to the last day before delivery is full of challenges and different from others.

In my first trimester, I felt fragile but didn’t have any prominent signs as I have heard that you vomit and feel nauseous. But the same was not with me.

In the second trimester, it was pretty challenging. I used to vomit after every meal. Mostly, when I had brinjal or bottle gourd. I never felt like eating sour and savory. I liked to eat potatoes and milk. I took some pepsin syrup to digest food and to avoid the feeling of vomiting. I took a folic acid tablet, Curlon, fatty acid, and Omega 3 tablets every day. My gynecologist had also prescribed me an amino acid sachet to maintain fluid in the uterus, which I think was below a certain level. I was also given hormone injections weekly for upto 24 weeks.

In my third trimester, I was very chilled; all my aversions were gone away. I enjoyed it and started preparing my bag for the hospital and surfing online, watching needful videos, always thinking positive and passing positive vibes. My tummy was growing, and I loved it. I ate everything I liked and wanted to. Luckily my weight didn’t increase, and I kept enjoying family time.

My doctor had given me calcium and iron tablets. She also recommended a women’s energy drink as my leg used to pain a lot.
I started getting kicks and turns at higher rates than usual. At night, the kicks were so hard that I couldn’t sleep. However, internally I was happy. If you are pregnant or have gone through the journey of pregnancy, I’m sure this story is highly relatable to you!

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