5 Challenges Faced By Mothers Who Work From Home

5 Challenges Faced By Mothers Who Work From Home

Taking care of a baby is not easy. Motherhood is a big challenge and almost all moms work 24*7 to complete their never-ending duties. Moms play a vital role in the lives of their children. A mother needs to be a friend at one point and strict at other times. Mothers have a tough life, especially working mothers. The selfless love of mothers for their children cannot be explained in words. I appreciate all the moms or should I say supermoms for managing everything efficiently.

Many companies provide women with the option of work from home. This helps them balance both professional and personal life. Especially if they have small kids to look after. There are many perks in working from home but challenges too. Through my blog, I want to highlight 5 challenges faced by a mother who chooses to work from home:

1. There is No Fixed Routine

Being at home disrupts the daily routine of a mother who works from home. She has to juggle between housework and office work. Most women, end up multitasking. And she has no time to relax. The day goes off in completing one thing or the other. When we go to work, we follow a 9-5 routine, but when we work from home, there is no fixed time.

2. Poor Internet Connection Impacts Other Work As Well

The unexpected power cut or bad internet connection may impact your office work for a few seconds, minutes or hours. This may affect your housework as well.

3. She May Be Taken for granted

When you work from home, your spouse and kids may assume that your job is the coolest in the world. And they may expect that you will do all the household chores and meet their demands, and complete your office work as well. In simple words, you may be taken for granted.

4. There are Lots of Distractions

The atmosphere at home may make you feel cosy and your attention may get diverted. You may also feel that you have to do your pending household chores. You want to keep your home clean and well arranged parallelly while working on a laptop. The motivation to focus on office work starts decreasing.

5. Attending an Unexpected Visitor

There are also some days when you are preparing for an important call and suddenly the call bell rings. You might not be expecting anyone but when you open the door, it is some distant relative. Now you have to somehow manage both the guests and the meeting.

So these are some challenges faced by mothers who work from home. But these are just a few. I am sure you will all agree with me.

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