Motherhood - The Strongest Bond Entwined with Love, Warmth and Care

Motherhood – The Strongest Bond Entwined with Love, Warmth and Care

 I didn’t know what being a ‘mom’ really meant. I surfed the internet, listened to experiences of different mothers, and took tips from elders on how to take care of a baby. However, nothing prepared me for actually becoming a mom for the first time.
I remember the moment when my joy was doubled on hearing that I had given birth to a girl. The nurse brought my bundle of joy to me soon after she was born. No doubt I was extremely happy but the feeling was a little strange. I didn’t connect with my daughter right away. The feeling of being a mother was somewhere missing.
I had just given birth and was exhausted. The room was jam-packed and the chattering of family members and relatives was not letting me sleep. In fact, I didn’t want to sleep; instead wanted to enjoy each and every second. The feeling of fulfilling my baby’s need was still missing from me. The doctor came in and asked whether I had fed her or not.  He suggested that I make my baby sleep by my side so that it will create an eternal bond between both of us. And yes, this magic trick of the doctor really work like as a miracle overnight. I really felt that I had become a mother, the next morning.
Soon I realized, it did not begin from the day she was born; rather from the day I could feel her. The feeling of extreme, overpowering love; I see and feel it every day.
I didn’t know what I was in for, but I knew it was going to be something wonderful.
It was so easy to fall in love with her. It wasn’t, however, very easy to fall in love with being a mom. The sleepless nights, the exhausting days. The total flip-flop of my life.
Motherhood is absolutely beautiful. It’s also exhausting, exhilarating and incredibly scary at times. When it comes to the emotions and thoughts a new mom faces after the dust of childbirth settles, there’s no limit to what one can experience. It’s a momentous time in a woman’s life and the feelings she deals with are guaranteed to be as big as the love for her child. Everyday brings new adventures entwined with love, warmth and care.

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