Women – the Marvelous Creation of the World, Which People Tend to Forget

Women - the Marvelous Creation of the World, Which People Tend to Forget

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We have this sick mindset that a woman without her husband is a cursed liability. In fact, there is no place for her in her own, original home. We say “That’s your home now.” Why? Your son and daughter both grew up in the same home. Now you say this home is only your guest house. Visit us, but don’t come back. Don’t come back even if you are dying there. Don’t come back even if they beat you. Don’t come back even if they abuse you and us. Don’t come back even if they torture you for dowry. Don’t come back even if they treat you like an unpaid maid. Don’t come back unless you are dead. At least you would come as a married, dead woman. There will still be dignity for us in society. You ask any married woman, and she would tell you how her parents and relatives forced her to “adjust.” They make it sound like her own fault that she is getting no respect in her marriage. They make her feel guilty for asking to be treated like a daughter, not as a maid who also brings home her salary. They tell her that her life will be finished if her husband leaves her.

No. I have seen this. Her husband, who drinks and abuses her, is still given the stature that he can leave her. Leave her? What are you? You took dowry. You take her salary. You abuse her and her parents. Your whole existence is of a shameless beggar. And you, you will leave her? Who gives this power to such people to leave a woman? Our society gives them the power to still act as if they are doing some sort of favour by staying married. It boils my blood when a woman cries her helpless tears that I could leave in a second, but it’s my parent’s “tension” that stops me. I would rather end my life than live here. But it’s for my parent’s sake that I am still adjusting. You know what? Shame on such parents. You cowards, you are burning your girl for your own shallow “reputation” and “honor.” Stand by your daughter. Bring her back home. Save her. She is still your little girl. A divorce won’t make her a lesser woman. But a toxic marriage definitely will make her a lifeless woman. Women are known as the creations of this world but people tend to forget it. We are used to seeing a woman dominate another woman even after knowing about her pain. I request all women to raise their voices for those women who are suffering a lot.

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