A Little Saga of a Mom, Wife and a Working Woman

A Little Saga of a Mom, Wife and a Working Woman

Life is not easy for a woman, and it gets tougher when you have several responsibilities – Mom, Wife, and a Working Woman. Before my baby landed on earth, I thought my hubby’s feelings would change for me, but somewhere, especially when I hold my angel, I don’t feel that way.

Handling personal, along with professional life, is a big challenge, especially when my little one doesn’t want to leave me. I do give him time with my husband’s support and cooperation, but it is less than before. Nonetheless, we do enjoy our time together (I call it we-time) and anyway, at the end of the day and after 9 hours of office, my baby needs me more than anyone else on this planet.

However, I do miss our we-time because of the pandemic; it is not smooth and easy anymore as we cannot go out for vacations or outings. It’s just office, home, family,
schedule, and so on, nowadays.

You cannot keep everyone happy, but I try to be happy so that I don’t spread my negative vibes to anyone, especially my family. I hardly have time for myself nowadays, but I have a sense of satisfaction that my time is being utilised in the most effective and efficient way.

Raising a child is not easy, but nothing is easy, and something that’s easy is not worth trying. Before learning to raise her, I am trying to raise ourselves as parents as now we hardly have time for our chats, and when we have, we prefer to lay beside each
other without talking.

The life of a mom is not easy, but the love of my angel and her papa’s tight hug dissolves all my stress, pain, and tiredness.

Working moms be strong! For me, my mom is the inspiration as she raised her family so well despite being a working mother herself. Hopefully, my baby will also be proud of me someday.

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