When the Bumpy Journey Came to an End With Two Lines

When the Bumpy Journey Came to an End With Two Lines

It was the day before my sister’s wedding. My husband woke me up while I was still sleeping and he said can you do the pee-test? My answer was NO. I don’t want to spoil my mood since I had done the pee-test several times before and it was negative. It was a happy atmosphere at home that day. My relatives had all arrived for my sister’s wedding and I didn’t want to be down and depressed.

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for quite sometime. The journey has been a real bumpy ride. But this time something was different. Even before we took the test, he kept telling congratulations the whole month. However, he forced me out of bed that morning. I unwillingly did the pee-test and didn’t even bother looking at the result. I was looking out of the window and then I went back to throw the stick. But…wait a min… guess what…It had TWO LINES which means positive. I just couldn’t believe my eyes! How could it be? My mind became blank! I went and called my husband and showed him and he started crying! We had been waiting for this for so long. We hugged each other. I told him until I get the blood test, let’s wait. We quickly arrived at the clinic and they confirmed that indeed I was pregnant! That day still lingers in my mind when my bumpy journey had an happy ending! So I decided that I will embrace every uncomfortable position, every heartburn, every contraction, every hip pain, back pain, all the tossing and turnings, sleepless nights and all that comes with being pregnant. As it is worth it!

As I type, I am reminded of all women who would give the world to be in my place. Who perhaps couldn’t get to full term, who maybe haven’t been able to get pregnant, who are aching at every pregnancy photo they see.
This is For You

Sometime  When you are in a Dark Place, You Think you have been Buried, But Actually you have been Planted.

The baby in the womb feels buried, but actually it’s been planted. Like my story, every bumpy ride will come to an end!

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