Different Countries, Religions, Cultures, and Worlds

Different Countries, Religions, Cultures, and Worlds

Hi my name is Kim from the Philippines, married to an Indian Husband. Let me tell you the story of how me made all things posible in this relationship.

I am a graduate and a licensed Electronics and Communications Engineer. When I started working in Telecom industry in 2014 in my country, it’s how I met my husband. He as well is an engineer in another telecommunications company. Thinking of heading a step to my career in 2015 I joined their company when I found out they were in need of an engineer who would do team leading. He was even the one who did my interview and he became my project manager. So we were together in office for every working hour and I was the one to join him on our client meetings. We were so professional in our career. Until we became friends and we got to know each other deeper and we fall in love with each other.

We stayed in Philippines before coming to India for good. And I must say my husband followed some necessary steps in order to persuade my family for this marriage. We started in courtship before coming into relationship and when we knew that we want to spend the rest of our lives together that’s the time we took the courage to ask our families’ blessings.

We started in our family since Indian families are quite more conservatives. It took my family some time to absorb all things but I explained to my husband how to win their hearts. My husband did “pamamanhikan” or formally proposed to my family that he wanted to take my hand as his wife. We went to my province and there infront of all my family members expressed his dearest and sincerest feelings for me and finally got their approval.

And next stop his family. He did not actually got the courage to tell them everything about us when we were in Philippines. When he had another vacation going to India he took me together with him to introduce me personally without their knowing. And as expected they are more shocked than ever that he brought a girl from another country. Love marriage is not common here and aside from this they are more concerned of how will we be able to adjust to an inter religion, inter cultural and traditional differences. Two different countries, I am Christian he is a Hindu, our ways of living, our food and many many more things are different. We belong to different worlds. But then we have finally convinced them.

Traditionally speaking, dowry system is entirely opposite  in Philippines and India. In my country dowry is provided by the groom’s family and here in India it is provided by the bride’s side. My husband’s family didnt receive from my side and likewise my family didnt receive from the groom’s side. But our families understood both parties and our wedding was successfully done. Finally in 2017 we got married. We first got married in Philippines thru Christian wedding and when we moved here we had an Indian wedding.
At the end of the day we are here now as husband and wife having a lovely daughter and one more on the way. Battling, surviving and living life together or apart. With all love from both of our families. ❤❤❤

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