I Thank God for My Son

I am very much thankful to God for giving me my son as an incredible gift. Being a mother my feelings are unexplainable. When my son is in my arms my feelings are speechless. I feel very happy and as if I have achieved something. I can never forget the first time I nursed my son, the first time I prepared food for him, the first time I held his hands. I have seen each and every milestone of my kid and enjoyed. I’m really speechless. I had sleepless nights and stress. But I overcame all those emotions and became a responsible and caring mother. Every day brought new adventures, new feelings. I love my son, he is my world. He is a very precious gift and made me the luckiest mom. My advice to all new moms is please try to overcome all emotions it’s normal when you are first time parenting a child. Do not depend on others. You are much capable to take care of your kids. Please be strong, talk to new moms or already moms you will get relaxation. You and your partner have to share work. Actually, our kids indirectly learn us how to be strong enough, how to take care of a person. It’s good news. Please spend time with your kids and play with them and avoid screens. Kids only need our love and attention. Don’t leave your kid alone when sleeping. Separation anxiety is a developmental phase. Because they feel insecure and helpless when they don’t see their parents around. Use your voice, eyes and touch to feel them that you are closer to them. Play hide and seek games and guess what inside games. Keep filling their plate with healthy food to become Chota Bheem.
Keep all dangerous objects, sharp toys out of reach from your kid.in teething time you can give soft and cool foods that will provide relief to them. Massage their gum with your fingers. When you read your kids favourite book leave out certain words while reading this will allow your baby to try and pronounce those words. Stand distance away from your baby and squat and call by kids name with your arms outstretched. It will allow the kid to walk towards you. Kids will be very happy with kisses and some hugs they don’t see any lavish birthday parties.
I have to share something that I did for my kid. For gastric problem apply hing water around the navel area. Don’t use kajal, talcum powder.
Thank you, God for my son.

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