Babyhug Duckling Potty Chair Review - The Best and Affordable Potty Chair for Your Little One!

Babyhug Duckling Potty Chair Review – The Best and Affordable Potty Chair for Your Little One!

I am a working mother, staying with in-laws. Life is way more hectic than I thought it would be. But, the Duckling Potty Chair has made one thing simple for me now.
Before this product, I was using the Baby Hug Potty chair – the basic one. It was a little difficult for me to sit and make the baby poop in the old product. Now, my baby loves to sit on this attractive Duckling Potty Chair as soon as she is awake. And I should really thank Baby hug for the ergonomic design provided for the potty chair as well.
My baby usually takes more time to poo, but with this model, she immediately poops because of the sitting position. The seat with a non-slip base is really useful if I have to leave the baby alone on the potty seat even if she wants to sit on it for some more time. The bowl is also removable and easy to clean. Thanks to the attractive product; it’s a time saver.
I would really suggest buying the Duckling Potty Chair.
It’s a time saver. The baby is engaged in playing while doing potty. It has an attractive design. However, it would be good if we could dismantle the back as well, and the supporting handles could also be of a different shape. Nonetheless, I do recommend the product!
The design is so attractive; my baby started reciting five little ducks as soon as I unpacked it.
Emptying potty is also easy with the extra rack at the bottom compared to the basic potty seats. Another important thing is that I can keep this product inside the house now. My in-laws always asked me to keep the basic one I used previously outside the house.
Baby hug potty chair has many other shapes which are attractive as well.

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