Health Benefits of Castor Oil for Baby and Mom-to-be

Health Benefits of Castor Oil for Baby and Mom-to-be

Hi all, today I will share the benefits of castor oil for both expectant moms and babies.

Benefits to the baby:

You know formula feed babies poop more than breast milk feed babies since breast milk is absorbed by the baby’s body completely.
But breastfed babies do suffer from constipation and to avoid this, castor oil feed is given to the baby early in the morning for pooping.

The quantity should be minimum when it is fed to the baby also check for any allergic reaction. Usually, it suits everyone, but on the safer side observe for such reactions.

Also, heat rashes are common after the baby is born as he is getting adjusted to the temperature around him. If you keep applying castor oil to the baby, by afternoon, he will feel really cool. This really helps during summers.

Applying castor oil to the hair is also very good and it improves hair growth and also darkens hairs.

A massage with castor oil is also good and there’s nothing to worry about the sticky part of it; it will easily go away.

Benefits  to the to-be-mom:

Castor oil is given to the mother-to-be before the due date since castor oil removes out the total waste from the body by passing motion and it is easy for the mother to push and deliver via normal. If you use castor oil before the due date, then the doctor may not need to try any means to flush out the poop out first for normal delivery.

Consuming castor oil throughout pregnancy is not recommend as it may lead to early labour. So the only suggestion is to check with your gynaecologist and take the castor oil when you are nearing to your due date.

Overall benefits:

  • Healthy skin
  • Natural moisturizer
  • Healthy scalp and hairs
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antifungal
  • Reduces Acne

If you haven’t used it so far, please use it for you or your little one. It is one hundred per cent safe and healthy to use.

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