Parenthood: New Phase and New Learnings

The day when our son was born, his cute face, closed eyes, and small palms touched the very core of our hearts. He was so delicate and soft that we feared holding him in arms. As time passed, we developed a strong emotional attachment with him; we cared for him more than anything in the world.

For the first 15 days, I had done nothing, but soon I realized I needed to help my wife with various tasks like keeping the milk bottle ready, bathing him, lulling him to sleep, and many more. My son started to recognize me. After a few months of the parenting journey, the bond built between the son and his father is beyond description.

As I start the day, wishing my little Aayan good morning, his cute smile makes my day. Before his bath, I massage him every day; this gives me a strong feeling of closeness with the kid. Over time, we learned that the sound “bay” he makes suggests he is hungry, and it is milk time for him. Our bond is so strong that no one can make him sleep except me; he sleeps within a minute after I take him in my arms. It is pleasantly surprising how attached he is to me, though I feel I have done nothing special for him. The only special thing is I can understand the meanings of the sounds or gestures he makes.

A few examples are –
“Bay” means he needs milk
“Ae” is “Take me in lap.”
He ‘whispers’ when he wants to sleep.
When he ‘cries,’ we know it’s time to pee.
And, ‘silence’ suggests it’s potty time.

It turned out to be his routine to cry in sleep daily at midnight; that is when we knew it was his milk time, and we needed to wake up. He again cried for milk at 4 am every morning. Gradually, we understood his signals and started setting alarms for 12 am and 4 am. Now, it has become a routine for us too, and we wake up at these hours even without an alarm.

There are times we feel irritated, especially after the day’s exhaustion. However, the moment we see his smiling face after being fed, all our tiredness and frustration fade away in no time. It is still a learning phase for us, but these new parenting responsibilities have taught us many good habits. Now I wash my hands before touching or feeding him as I know it is good for my kid. Without fail, I brush two times a day, shower daily, and do not shout or lose my temper. I have learned to enjoy small moments throughout the day.

I am thoroughly enjoying this phase of life as a new parent. It is improving both my wife and me as persons, making us more responsible. Now, we also realize all the love and sacrifices of our parents and that we should care for our parents as we do for our kids.

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