Breastfeeding - The Best Feeling of Motherhood

Breastfeeding – The Best Feeling of Motherhood

“A child gives birth to a mother,” the famous saying by Dr. Vithal Venkatesh Kamat, is true in every possible way. It is with the child that a mother is born; the baby teaches the mother to be caring and strong. In my case, my child taught me patience, perseverance, and breastfeeding.

Though breastfeeding is a natural process for all mammals, it is an acquired skill with time, patience, and coordination. For me, breastfeeding initiation was a long journey I had paid the least attention to during pregnancy. I believed that it was a talent that would naturally come to me as it happens with the rest of the mothers.

Post-delivery, an issue of flat nipples surfaced while we were in the hospital. The nurses told me to pull nipples with a reverse syringe – the process hurt me bad. Moreover, my baby could not latch, which again brought the shape to flat. However, I was hopeful that the problem would solve once I reached back home.

At home, the latch issue persisted; however, I was determined to breastfeed my baby, so I ordered a manual pump as the breasts got painful. The secretion of breastmilk took me a whole lot of time and effort. Then, though heavy on the budget, I ordered an electric pump that saved my efforts. However, I was still missing quality time with my baby while breastfeeding.

As the days passed, feeding the baby with a bowl and a spoon became difficult, so I had to start with bottle feeding. Then, I came across a breast-shaped bottle with a slow flow. This made it a little easier to transition to nipple shield with the help of a lactation expert.

After a few days, suddenly, there was a miracle! The nipple shield of the bottle was still to be cleaned and to calm my crying baby, I held him close to my breast. After around 2 months since my baby was born, that was the first time my baby was breastfeeding directly. That very moment I realized breastfeeding is the best feeling, and all my efforts were worth it.

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