How to Reduce Hairfall Post Pregnancy

How to Reduce Hairfall Post Pregnancy

Hair fall – The two words that make up for the shortest yet the scariest horror story that no woman would ever want to witness. However, many women suffer from it and get stuck in a loop trying various solutions to take control of hair fall. It’s essential to understand to what amount the hair fall is average and to what is abnormal. We lose about 100 strands every day, but anything more than that is excessive and alarming.

Hair is a big part of our identity and appearance. It adds confidence and resembles our style in ways more than one. When one loses hair, they lose self-esteem and self-confidence. Therefore, it is necessary to find an answer to ‘How to control hair fall?’
Tried and tested hair fall treatments and home remedies have failed to answer this question of ‘how to do hair fall control’ too. But fret not, ladies! You’ve come to the right place to find all your answers. Let’s get to the root of it and find the best hair fall control remedies.
The best hair growth tip that one could quickly adopt is to keep your body hydrated. Hair fall is caused primarily due to a lack of moisture. Water makes your hair more flexible, less brittle, and therefore less susceptible to hair fall and breakage! The benefits of water are eternal, but we should drink at least 3 liters every day. Heat tends to absorb all the moisture from our hair, making it dry and prone to breakage. This is the easiest way to control hair fall and get supple, radiant hair.

1. Serums for the win

Dry hair is prone to breakage and hair fall. It is essential to nourish your hair before you step out deeply. The benefits of conditioners and serums include providing nourishment to your hair with the least effort and ensuring your hair stays strong.

2. Wide-tooth comb

Post-shower detangling can turn into a nightmare if not done right. Hair is the weakest when wet and becomes susceptible to hair fall. It is ideal to use a hair fall control shampoo to strengthen your hair before you start combing it. Post-shower, you can start with applying a nourishing serum to begin detangling. Top that off by using a wide-tooth comb and work your way from the bottom to the top. This will reduce tugging and hair fall, which happens due to the pull in the opposite direction.

3. The right way to dry your hair

The maximum amount of hair fall takes place post-shower. The technique of drying our hair also has a significant impact on the quality of our hair. It’s a known fact that even though blow-drying will make your hair look bouncy and perfect, we cannot ignore the damage that it brings along. It is advised to use a cotton towel and pat dry your hair with minimum pressure, and let your hair air-dry. Air-drying causes zero damage to your hair and let your hair stand firm in the long run, giving you hair fall control. So, one should avoid regular blow-drying.

4. Satin pillowcases

One of the most common reasons for hair fall is breakage caused due to friction. Most women use cotton pillowcases which tend to create friction between your hair and the fabric. One way of hair fall control is to switch to a satin pillowcase and avoid the breakage caused due to friction.
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