Myths About Breast Milk Production After a C-section

Myths About Breast Milk Production After a C-section

Breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon but many women have doubts and questions regarding the milk flow and breastfeeding their babies after a caesarean section.

Breast milk production starts months before the delivery, which some may pregnant women may notice, and others may not. And not every mother-to-be will have milk flow in form of colostrum. The colostrum is the very first milk for the baby, which is a bit thicker and yellow in colour. The colostrum is considered extremely nutritious for a baby.

The milk is released immediately after the placenta is removed from the uterus post-delivery.  The hormone prolactin is responsible for it and when the baby starts suckling the milk, it sends the signal to the brain to make more milk. The production of breast milk is not affected by the type of delivery.
If a mother experiences any problem with regards to milk production and a let-down reflex (release of milk), she must consult with a doctor. Breastfeeding the baby helps the mother bond with the baby. Many people believe that breast milk production is affected due to the type of delivery, but that’s not the case.
One of my friends was so excited about her delivery and always wanted her baby to be delivered naturally. But as she neared the end of her pregnancy, things changed, and she had to deliver her baby via a C-section. The reason for a C-section was that her baby was not in the correct position. Her doctor hinted to her that it may be difficult to deliver the baby naturally and labour induction may or may not work in this case. After giving a thought for two ‘lengthy’ weeks, she and her husband decided to opt for a C-section.
Even she had concerns about breastfeeding her baby after a C-section, but she was able to feed her baby properly and had a very good milk flow. So it does not matter whether you give birth to your baby via a C-section or normally. Remember, your milk supply won’t be affected by the type of delivery method. Every woman has a different breastfeeding experience and breast milk supply. If you’re an expecting mom, don’t stress yourself by thinking about your breast milk supply. It will be fine, and in case, you experience any problem or have questions, remember, you can always check with a doctor you trust!

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