The Daily Challenges of a Mother and a Few Tips to Handle Them

The Daily Challenges of a Mother and a Few Tips to Handle Them

The term ‘mom’ sounds super energetic, right? Full of positive vibes, she is busy washing, cooking, cleaning and looking after her family in spite of the criticism she faces, and yet, she is the happiest person in the world. She is not a self-centred human being – she loves her family. Though sometimes she may be emotionally drained, she will do what she has to do to put a sweet smile on her beautiful face for her little ones. This is because she is the only person in the world who doesn’t deserve to be sad, because if she breaks, her family breaks.

You often must have heard the criticism of the grannies and older women that the women of the present generation don’t know how to balance their families and their jobs, that lazy women don’t know how to cook food, and many more. You may be surrounded by negative people who are busy criticising you. These words drain you of your energy and life seems to be a constant struggle. But believe in yourself, for you are a mother, loaded with positive energy, set to achieve your goals.

Here are a Few Tips to Handle Daily Challenges I Learnt from My Own Experience

1. Set a Goal

Once you set a goal, you will be a more focused and productive individual.

2. Ignorance is Bliss

Don’t let criticism by others break you. Treat those words as ‘noise pollution’ and get habituated to it. You’ll soon automatically tune it out.

3. Silence is the Only Remedy

Replying never helps, especially when it comes to negative people. No matter how much you argue or try to rectify their way of thinking, they will not change. Hence, silence is the only remedy if you have to face them daily.

4. Keep Aside Some Time for Yourself

A cup of tea and a health magazine makes my day. Getting engaged in activities you are interested in helps in uplifting your tired soul and body.

5. Even Machines Breaks If They Are Overloaded

Yes, you’re a human being, and you cannot do a huge bulk of household work in a day. Well, having a weekly planner is important – you can assign a certain number of days for certain tasks; for example, thorough cleaning of a house twice a week. This way you can manage everything easily.

Well, I’ve penned down my experiences and my daily challenges with a few simple tips to handle them. Hope you will find them useful.

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