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Finding a unique name for a baby is one of the most trying tasks for parents. If you haven’t come up with a name yet, you’re bound to feel like you’re fighting against time. You, thus, access numerous websites, buy several books on trending baby names, and set forth on the quest for a perfect name for your munchkin. However, this quest too, like many others, has challenges. You now have to face an overwhelming amount of recommendations from family and friends! There’s only one way to deal with it – hear them out, keep your cool, and look at our trending baby names of January 2022! These unique names are sure to help you shortlist a perfect name for your baby!

Most Popular Baby Names in January 2022 With Meanings

Most parents want trending names for their babies. However, there are some who look for more than popularity. You can choose the best of both worlds for your little one – the name you select can be popular as well as meaningful! Continue reading for some trendy and unique names with beautiful meanings for boys and girls.

Boy Names with Meanings

The trending boy names of this month have more than a unique ring to them; they are notable for their deep, inspiring meanings, too. A little bit of thought while naming babies can go a long way. Here are some popular baby boy names with their meanings for an effortless name search!

Name Meaning
Avyukt Crystal clear or Lord Krishna or clear mind, One with a clear mind, Unconfused Being, One of the many names of Lord Krishna
Aayansh The first Ray of light, Part of parents, Gift of God, Sun, like splendour or brightness of sun
Nirved Gift by God, Came to this world in the month of November.
Sriansh He who is born with ansh or a part of Lakshimi, He who is born with ansh or a part of Lakshimi
Kiyansh Person having all qualities, A Person having all qualities, One who is blessed with all good qualities
Atharv Lord Ganesh, Name of a Ved, Name of a Rishi married to Santi, The daughter of kardam Rishi and devahooti, Name of brahmas eldest son, To whom he revealed brahma-vidya, One of names of Lord Ganesha, Knower of Vedas, Knowledgeable One
Shriyan Lord Vishnu, Combination of first 3 letters of Sriman and last 3 of Narayan, Lord vishnu
Avyan Eloquent, One who has no imperfections, One of the many names of Lord Ganesha
Ashvik Blessed and victorious, One who is blessed to be victorious
Krishav Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, Krishav means Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva
Vivaan Lord Krishna, Full of life, Rays of the morning Sun
Advik Unique, Unique, Exclusive, Someone who has no equivalent, unequalled, Matchless
Aarav Peaceful, Sound, Shout (Celebrity Parents Name: Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna), Peaceful, Ray, Hope, Radiating Light, Sanskrit: “peaceful,” “melodious sound”
Sharvil Lord Krishna, Derived from Sharv, Sharv meaning sacred to Shiva
Rihaan Gods chosen one, Lord Vishnu, Destroyer of enemies
Ivaan Gods gracious and glorious gift, The Sun, Ruler, Royal
Ayaan Someone who is religiously inclined, Gift of God (Celebrity Name: Emraan Hashmi), They are inclined towards God
Reeyansh First Ray of sunlight, Lord vishnus Ansh (Ansh = part)
Vihaan Morning, Dawn
Manvik One who is consious, Intellegent, Kind hearted, A kind hearted person
Advait Unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu, Non duality, Unique, Exclusive, Someone who has no equivalent, unequalled, Matchless
Aarush First Ray of the Sun, Calm, Red, Brilliant, Another name for the Sun, Red horses or mares of the sun of fire, Red, Rising Sun, Dawn
Krishiv Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva, A combination of Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Shiva
Rishaan Lord Shiva, Good human being, Strong, Good, Sage, Saint, One who meditates on Lord’s Name, Seeker of enlightment
Darsh Sight, Handsome, Lord Krishna, When the Moon just becomes visible, Name of Lord Krishna
Adhrith Who does not need support but supports every one, Lord Vishnu, Independent, Supportive
Shivansh A portion of Lord Shiv, Lor Shiv’s portion
Hridhaan (Celebrity Name: Rhrithik Roshan), Heart, Soul, One who is Kind, Generous and Compassionate towards all
Ayansh The first Ray of light, Part of parents, Gift of God, They are part of their parents, ray of light
Rudransh Lord Shiva, A part of Rudra
Sathvik Calm, Virtuous and another name of Lord Shiva, Name of Lord Shiva
Shreyansh Fame giver and Lucky, Wealthy, A lucky one who gives fame to others
Reyansh First Ray of sunlight, Lord vishnus Ansh (Ansh = part, One who can be comapared to the first ray of sun in the morning
Agasthya Name of a sage, One who humbles even the mountain, The star of Canopus which is the ‘cleanser of waters’, One of many names of Lord Shiva, A name of great Sage
Kriyansh Lord Krishna, A modern name variant of name Krishna, A representation of name of Lord Shri Krishna
Aviraj To shine as bright as the Sun, A bowman, king of Kings
Anvit One who bridgesth gap, Friend, Relation, Leader, Guide, One who always directs and leads others
Yuvaan Youthful, Lord Shiva, Young, Healthy, The Moon
Aadvik Unique
Anwit Lord Shiva, Reached by the mind, Linked to
Kiaan Grace of God, Ancient or distant (Celebrity Name: Karishma Kapoor)
Viaan Full of life and energy, Alive or lively (Celebrity Name: Shilpa Shetty)
Anvith Lord Shiva, Reached by the mind, Linked to, Friend, Companion
Krithvik Always Happy, Joyful, Glad, Delighted, Blessed by Lord Muruga who is considered as bestower of happiness
Tanush Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesh, Lord shiva
Shlok Hymns of Lord, Verse, Hindu Mantra or verse of praise, Shlok
Nihit God gift, Inherent, Inscribed into something, Within something, The precious talent from God.
Pranith Praneeth is the name derived from the Sanskrit word praneetham which means calmness, God, One who is as dear as life, Modest, Simple, Straightforward
Rian Little king, Kingly, A King, a Ruler, a royal one
Ayaansh The first Ray of light, Part of parents, Gift of God, Ray of light who are part of parents
Avir Brave, One who fights for peace, Strong, Continuous or ongoing
Ved Sacred knowledge, Riches, Precious, Four philosophical scriptures underlying hinduism, A sacred text in Hindu religion.
Nivaan Holy, Bound, Limited, A holy soul, saint
Dhruv Pole star, Immovable, Eternal, Firm, Steady, A firm and faithful individual, polar star
Aanay Consort of Goddess Radha, Another name of Lord Ganesh, Without a superior, Another name for Lord Vishnu, Aanay is another name of Lord Ganesha
Daksh Capable, Son of Lord Brahma, Fire, Gold, Talented, Excellent, Vigorous talented (A son of Brahma), Name of a King
Ridit World known, World, World Known, One of the Vedas
Ishaan Lord Shiva, The Sun, Vishnu, Agni and Surya, Ruler, Generous, Causing prosperity
Rishit The best, Learned, One who is the best in everything
Aryash Brilliant, Brilliant, Intelligent, Knowledgeable, Noble
Shrihan Lord Vishnu, Handsome, Lord vishnu
Ritvik Priest, Timely, Sage, Saint, One who meditates on Lord’s Name, Seeker of enlightment, Scholar, Head of the Vedas
Anmay One who cannot be broken, Invaluable, Priceless, Precious, One who is very valuable
Viraj Biggest in universe, The Sun or the king, Resplendent, Splendor, Ruler, Beauty, Brilliant, Excellence, Majesty, Another name for Agni and Buddha, Pure (Celebrity Names: Celina Jaitly and Peter Haag)
Viransh Just like strong, (Mahavir Swami Ansh)
Atharva The first Vedas, Lord Ganesh, Knower of the arthara Vedas, One of names of Lord Ganesha, Knower of Vedas, Knowledgeable One
Sreeyan Lord Vishnu, Combination of first 3 letters of Sriman and last 3 of Narayan
Satvik Virtuous, Lord Krishna, Worthy, Important, Pure, Good, Virtuous
Dakshith Lord Shiva, Derived from Daksh, Daksh – competent, Adroit, Expert, Intelligent, Honest, Epithet of Som, Shiva, Vishnu, Agni, Name of Lord Shiva
Daiwik By the grace of God, Divine, Relating to the gods, Grace, one who has extraordinary power
Samarth Powerful, Another name for Krishna, Smooth, Multi -tasked, One who has the power
Vedansh Part of Veda
Taksh King bharats son, Eyes like a Pigeon, Chopping, To make from wood
Pransh One who is full of life; One of many names of Lord Vishnu; A variant of Pranshu, One who is full of life, One of many names of Lord Vishnu, A variant of Pranshu
Prayan Intelligence, Supreme Intelligence, Excellent Brilliance, Most knowledgeable, Very Clever, Smartest
Dhruvit A derivative from name Dhruv which means Pole Star, One which is constant, Faith
Shaurya Brave
Vivan Lord Krishna, Full of life, Rays of the morning Sun
Jiyaan Near heart, Always Happy, Near Heart, Always Happy, Beloved, Dearmost, Full of spirit
Agastya Name of a sage, One who humbles even the mountain, Name of a Sage , A derivative from Agasthya which represents the star of Canopus
Advaith Unique, Another name for Brahma and Vishnu, Non duality, One has no duplicate, Lord Ganesha
Mivaan Sunrays of God, The rays of the sun
Advit Unique, Focused, Unique, Exclusive, Someone who has no equivalent, unequalled, Matchles
Kairav White lotus, Born of water, Gambler, Kairav name means Born from the Water
Charvik Intelligent, Intelligent, Brilliant, Bright, Clever, Smart, Thoughtful
Shrithik Lord Shiva
Aarnav Ocean, Air, Sun, Wave, Stream, Sea, Ocean, Sea, Deepest sea, A variant of Arnav
Navish Lord Shiva, Poison less, Sweet, The New Lord of mankind
Aariv King of wisdom, King of Wisdom , Knowledge, Intelligence
Shayan Intelligent, Courteous, A person who is worthy and deserves good things in life
Stavya Lord Vishnu, Who is being praised by everybody, Lord vishnu
Divit Immortal, A heavenly being, immortal person
Divyansh Part of the God, Part of the divine light, Gods own divine, Part of Divine, Spiritual Wisdom, Religious, Pious
Druvish They are the shadow of Lord Shiva, They are the shadow of Lord Shiva
Devansh Part of God, Eternal part of God, Demigod
Yuvan Youthful, Lord Shiva, Young, Healthy, The Moon
Kian Grace of God, Ancient or distant, Kian means Archaic, Acient
Ruhaan Kind hearted, Spiritual
Rivaan Horse rider, A star, Ambitious and self sufficient
Adhrit Who does not need support but supports every one, Lord Vishnu, Independent, Supportive, The One who Don’t Need Any Support but Supports Everything

New Entries in the List of Trending Baby Boy Names

Name Meaning
Dhashith One of many names of Lord Siva, One of many names of Lord Siva
Ratharv Charioteer
Seyon Lord Murugan
Pankaj Lotus flower, Another name for Brahma, Born from the mud, Lotus, Another name of Hindu God Brahma,
Utsav Celebration, Festival, Occasion, Desire, Celebration or festival.
Mudit Happy, Satisfied, Pleased
Risheek Lord Shiva, An ascetic, A sage
Abesh One who has complete possession or control, One who has complete possession or control
Shoolin One who has a trident, Lord Shiva
Uddish Lord Shiva, Lord of flying ones, A work so called containing charms and incantations, Name of Shiva

Girl Names with Meanings

For centuries, names have been derived from everything that makes or surrounds us, for example, thoughts, value systems, and nature. These trending names for girls also include some of them. They are joyful, meaningful, and some are even distinctively melodious. These names are sure to add excitement if the search for unique girl names becomes mundane.

Name Meaning
Prisha Talent given by God, Beloved, Loving, Gods gift, Beloved, Loving, God’s Gift, Dear
Rutvi Name of An Angel meaning season, Love and saint, Speech
Anvika Powerful and complete, The powerful and strong one
Aashvi Blessed and victorious, Little mare, One of many names of Goddess Saraswati
Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi, One who will be followed, Name of the Goddess Lakshmi
Trishika Goddess Lakshmi, Trident, One who is with pitchfork, Goddess Laxmi
Anaya Without a superior, God has shown favour, Without a Superior, Look Up To God, Hebrew – God Answered, God was gracious, A variation of Aniya,
Dityaa Answer of prayers, Another name for Lakshmi, Goddess Laxmi who answers the prayers
Aarvi Peace, The word has a meaning of peace, or the one who makes peace
Aadvika World, Earth, Unique, the word signifies the person who is Unique in all aspects
Shreenika Lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Night
Kayra Peaceful, Unique, Lady, Kayra means She is a Peaceful and Unique Girl
Advika World, Earth, Unique, A unique girl, no copy or duality
Mishika Love of God, The person with the sweetness of sugar
Saanvika Goddess Lakshmi, One who will be followed
Adya First power, Unparalleled, Great, Beyond perception, Goddess durga
Divisha Goddess Durga, Chief of the Goddess, Devee
Pranshi Goddess Lakshmi, Of great stature, A name of the Devi Laxmi
Siara Unique, A woman who is pure and holy
Shreyanvi Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Durga
Ishanvi Goddess Parvati, Goddess of knowledge
Mayra Beloved, Favorable, Admirable, Marvellous, A beloved girl
Anaisha Special
Arika Beautiful, Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity, One of many names of Goddess Lakshmi
Amayra Princess
Saisha With great desire and wish, Truth of life
Nitara Deeply rooted (Celebrity Names: Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Kumar), One who have the deep roots
Anvi One of devis names, Name of a Goddess, Goddess of forest, the one who is nature loving
Ayra The beginning, The principle, The breathe of life
Aarna Goddess Lakshmi, Water, Wave, Effervescing, Stream, this is an another name of Goddess Laxmi
Driti Courage, Morale, Steadiness, Command, Pleasure, Determination, Patience, Virtue
Avyuktha Inexpressible, Crystal clear, One who has crystal clear heart
Anika Goddess Durga, The brilliance of stone, Graceful young girl
Mahira Highly skilled, Expert, Quick, Talented, Powerful, A knowledgeable, expert person
Srinika Goddess Lakshmi or lotus which is in the heart of Lord Vishnu
Aavya First rays of The Sun, Gift of God
Kashvi Shining, Bright, Glowing, The name means Luminous
Shanaya Eminent, Distinguished, Born on saturday, First Ray of the Sun
Aahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, First rise of the Sun, The name aahana has the meaning of someone like Angel, someone sweet and charming like rose it also means First sun rays
Avika Sunrays, Charismatic personality, Bright as a Sun, charismatic personality, Diamond
Hritvi Right guidance, Happy, Scholar, Lady Indian priest who full fill particularly completing the vedic haven
Dhanvi Wealthy, A woman who is rich and wealthy. One of the names of Goddess Lakshmi.
Aadhya First power, Goddess Durga, First, Unequalled, Perfect, The earth, Another ornament, aadhya means the The first power, the Beginning, it is also an another name of Goddess Durga
Aadhira Lightning, Strong, The Moon, Moon, To sentimentalize and remember nostalgically
Nirvi Bliss, New comer to the family.
Aarohi A music tune, Progressive, Evolving, the musical note or being very sound
Ira A devoted one, Tender, Woman of magdala, To be present in latent, United, Noble (Celebrity Name: Amir Khan)
Dhvija Borne for performing the great things, One who has taken birth to perform great things
Shanvika Goddess Lakshmi, One who will be followed
Vedika Full of knowledge, Altar, A river in India, Consciousness, An Apsara or celestial
Aaradhya Worshipped, Blessing of Lord Ganesh (Celebrity Name: Aishwarya Rai), To be worshipped, To be accomplished, To be made favorable, To be adored and respected
Shrestha The best, Ultimate, Another name for Lord Vishnu, Foremost, First, Perfection, Best of all
Vihana Early morning
Kiara Little black one, Dusky, Dark haired, Kiara means a Woman With Raven-Black, Dark Hair
Ditya Answer of prayers, Another name for Lakshmi, A name of Goddess Durga. It means answer of prayers.
Pranavi Goddess Parvati, The first sound of universe aum called as Pranavi, One of the many names of Goddess Parvathi
Mishita Goddess Laxmi, Sweet person, A sweet person, Good nature, Also referred to Goddess Laxmi
Samaira Enchanting, Protected by God, Guardian (Celebrity Name: Karishma Kapoor), A compagnion in the converations led at night
Tishya Auspicious, A star, Lucky, The sense of joy and happiness
Sanvi Goddess Parvati, Glowing, Attractive, Loveable, Goddess Lakshmi
Viha Heaven or angel
Siya Goddess Sita, White moonlight, A handsome woman, White doorvaa grass, Arabian Jasmine, Candied sugar, A woman sho always win
Nainika Pupil of the eye, The one who has attractive and shining eyes.
Dhruvi Firm, One who has a lot of energy, is firmly fixed
Sudiksha Another name for Goddess Laxmi, Good start, Beautiful, Offering, Goddess lakshmi
Samriddhi One who has everything, Prosperity, A person living in prosperity who has everything
Sharvi Divine
Aaditri Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi, aaditri is another name of Goddess Laxmi, the person who brings wealth and prosperity
Manasvi Intelligent, Wise, Sensible, Self-respecting, Self-controlled, An intelligent person
Krisha Divine, Thin, Krisha means Divine
Tanvi Slender, Beautiful, Delicate, A beautiful and delicate woman
Niya A desire for something, Purpose, Bright, Lord Hanuman (Son of Anjani), The aim or desire of something
Anshi Gods gift, They are gift of God and are fantastic human being
Devanshi Divine, Part of God, Divine, divine power
Pranika Goddess Parvati
Shrinika Lotus in the heart of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Nigh
Rithanya One who is endowed with immense capabilities, Name of Goddess Saraswati
Riyanshika NA
Shivika Palanquin, Palki, A name that means palanquin
Takshvi NA
Ruhi A music tune, Soul, A flower, Who touches the heart, One with a beutiful soul
Hrutvi Name of An Angel meaning season, Love and saint, Speech
Advita One or unique, First one. number one, Lovely
Vamika Goddess Durga, An epithet of the Goddess Durga, Situated on the left side of vam, I.e. Shiva
Naira Shining, Glittering, The one having the bigger eyes
Jisha The person having the highest feelings for living, the meaning of this name is person having high level of feeling and passion for living. Highly optimistic , artistic nature and have love for nature
Kaira Peaceful, Unique, Lady, Kaira means Peaceful and Unique
Kiana Moon Goddess, Divine, Heavenly, Kiana means Divine and Heavenly
Tanishka Goddess of gold, Daughter, Goddess of gold
Miraya Devotee of Lord Krishna (Celebrity Name: Priyanka Gandhi), Name of Lord Krishna’s devotee, A variant spelling is Meera
Naisha Special, Lovely flower, A special or lovely flower
Nihira Newly found treasure
Eva Life, Living one, Variant of eve, In the bible eve was adams wife and the first woman, Alive, Auspicious news, life or living one.
Amyra Leader, Princess, Royal lady, The commander of the armed forces, a general and a born princess
Reeva River, A star, Agile, Quick, Another name for Kaali and the river Narmada, One who guides people like a river or a star
Shanvi Goddess Parvati, Glowing, Attractive, Loveable, Goddess Lakshmi
Amaya Night rain, Immeasurable, Without limit, The beautiful night rain
Mysha Happy for entire life
Aarushi Dawn, Red Sky in the early morning, First rays of the Sun, Flame, Bright, Life giving, First rays of the sun, Bright, Brilliant and Radiant rays of Sun, Early morning Sunshine
Misha Happy for entire life, The message bearer from the God

New Entries in the List of Trending Baby Girl Names

Name Meaning
Bhumi Earth, Base, Introduction
Janani Mother, Tenderness, A tender mother
Abigail Father in rejoicing
Amoli Precious, Precious being
Shathvika Goddess Durga, Calm
Namirah Princess
Anokhi Unique, The unique one
Samanwitha One who possess all good qualities
Vaidahi Of videhas, Princess of videhas
Nasya Clear, Pure, Most beautiful one, Reformer, Advisor, A miracle of Yahweh

Searching for a perfect baby name is no laughing matter. Investing time and effort to finalise a name is exhausting, but it is rewarding, too. Therefore, soak in every bit of the affection your dear ones shower with their recommendations and thoroughly enjoy the journey. You will find a perfect name for your baby in the end, but your experience might make for an entertaining story to share with the world!

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