Infant Irritability is Not Always Because They're Hungry, We Should Always Check for Different Signs

Infant Irritability is Not Always Because They’re Hungry, We Should Always Check for Different Signs

As a first-time mother, many of us struggle to understand the needs of our little ones, like when should we offer them milk if hungry, or if they are going through some other issue which we obviously can’t understand immediately. My experience taught me to check for signs. When irritable the child doesn’t always want milk. I’ve noticed this with other mothers and what I did initially too is that whenever the child cried I gave him milk thinking that he must be hungry.

I made a conscious effort to give proper gaps between feeds. I trained my baby to feed every two hours in the first five months. After five months I started feeding him one cereal a day and some water. Slowly he got used to the cereal and then gradually increased the quantity of the cereal and trained him to eat enough to feel full.

Mothers always want the best for their child and it’s understandable that many don’t want to introduce top feed but you must realise that it’s utterly important for your child’s tummy to fill rather than just give him or her your feed every half hour. Most times I realised my child just wanted to stay with me and engage with him and he wasn’t even hungry in the first place. Always try to check for different signs for different difficulties the child might be going through.

Now that my baby is almost a year old, I’ve realised that he doesn’t like any feed if his diaper is dirty. Also, he doesn’t want feeds in the same regular gaps like he used to have earlier. Basically, most children choose their own timetables and like and dislikes. And no child would deliberately want to trouble their parent/guardian unless they themselves are going through some difficulty. One should always be patient when dealing with a little baby.

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