It’s Okay If You Aren't a Super Mom Who Knows Everything

It’s Okay If You Aren’t a Super Mom Who Knows Everything

After my pregnancy, I was clueless of all that was happening. It was a C-section for me. The pain I went through was crazy and then looking after my child was very stressful. I have never had a chance to take care of any little one in the past nor had I seen such a tiny one ever. For me to hold her once was a magical experience. But with that came a lot of responsibility. I could not feed her, could not make her sleep, didn’t know how to change her clothes/nappy, etc. The doctor said that she was a colic baby. She would cry and just be awake the whole night. I was sleep-deprived. Moreover, I have been very career-oriented and being home for 6 months! Just the thought of the entire 6 months was so stressful, that I started to feel bad about myself, I was annoyed at little things. I was agitated the entire time. Guilt was killing me and making me miserable. That is when I broke down one day and my husband made me understand that it was all okay. I was told that I am the best mother and I need not change. I will learn with time and it was okay to not know all this. My husband was my biggest support, thereafter he ensured that I never felt this bad. He started helping me and made me feel that even he didn’t know a lot but was learning gradually.

Please just talk it out and there will be someone by your side, who would understand you. Someone who could help you feel better and happy. No one is an expert, but gradually you learn. Parenting is a challenge and will always be. You can’t be compared with anyone as everyone is different.

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