An Indian Science: Foods That Are Nutritious in the Path of Postpartum Health

An Indian Science: Foods That Are Nutritious in the Path of Postpartum Health

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Food is the best source of energy. After delivery, a woman needs strength for her body, and it takes months together for her to recover. Many hormonal and physical changes also take place within her body.

Some Indian foods are believed to be medicinal, and people here, especially in Karnataka, follow postpartum diets very strictly. It is believed that the first nine months after delivery are the stage when she can gain strength for the rest of her life. And, every procedure and food given to a postpartum woman has a reason behind it.

  1. Turmeric: It keeps the body warm. After delivery, a woman’s body will be cold, and applying turmeric while bathing keeps her body warm.
  2. Vigna mungo: This is a cereal, and it is cooked and given both in spicy and sweet forms. It is rich in protein and calcium, which provide strength to the woman’s bones after delivery. They also prevent her from back pain.
  3. Dill leaves: These leaves are rich in iron, and are helpful postpartum to increase breast milk in women. These leaves are given in curry form to feed the mother.
  4. Edible gum laddoos: These are prepared using edible gums with lots of dry fruits and dry coconut. These laddoos are rich in calcium, iron, and protein. For a breastfeeding mother, this is nutritious food.
  5. Niger oil: Postpartum fat is quite common in women. Niger oil has low cholesterol levels, and using this oil helps women in avoiding unnecessary fat after postpartum.
  6. Loban: Loban prevents the baby and mother from catching cold. Loban is added to heated charcoal, and its steam is given to both child and mother after bath to keep them warm.
These foods are very useful in the path of postpartum health of women. India is well known for the medicinal properties of its food, and using them in the right way keeps us stronger.

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