Toddler Not Sleeping? Here's Why, and How You Can Get Him to Sleep

Toddler Not Sleeping? Here’s Why, and How You Can Get Him to Sleep

“Sleep time,” mommy says….. My 4-year-old toddler gives a new excuse today-” Let’s study mommy. We sleep every day.. “. Exhausted after the day’s work you just want your toddler to sleep. But he is at the top of his energy when we are down. When it goes beyond their bedtime they usually become overcharged. So it’s best we take them to bed at the first sign of sleepiness or tiredness. When a kid is over stimulated it leads to release of hormone adrenaline and the child resists sleeping because of this hormone. What’s to be done? A lot of online searching and a lot of article readings were done. So here I pen down a few ultimate tried and tested hacks for your child to sleep early. Take your child to bed half an hour before his bedtime.

1) Maintain a routine. Sleep time should not be changed. Stick to one time. Brush their teeth; an oil massage would also do. Give a wash, change their clothes and make them ready for bed.

2) Make them pee before bedtime. Very often kids wake up because of this reason in the middle of the night.

3) Laugh it out before sleeping- by tickling or hearing their stories or playing word games spend some quality time with your kid

4) Read a bedtime story – it helps in calming them. It also helps in forming a routine.

5) Diet – No sugars after dinner. Sugar is one more reason for the extra energy post-dinner. So say bye-bye to desserts.

6) Restrict nap times in the afternoon. Limit the nap time to one hour in the day time. This will help the child to sleep better at night.

7) Dim the lights- The body has a mechanism to distinguish between day and night. If the lights are on, your toddler will never understand it’s night and the body has to rest. So next time when you take your child to sleep, turn off the lights.

8) Keep your calm. Sometimes they can feel our vibes and not sleep. Hug them sleep till the time they drift into a deep sleep.

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