Diaper-Free Time for Babies: Why and How to Do It?

Diaper-Free Time for Babies: Why and How to Do It?

Baby diapers come as a blessing for moms and have simplified their lives. Diaper keeps a baby dry and clean. Diapers also look modern and are suitable if you want to take your baby outdoors. After hearing so many positive things about diapers, I (just like all other new moms) was ready with my newborn diaper pack when my baby arrived! Initially, using diapers was very easy as everything was new and establishing a good latch to breastfeed was my first priority. Slowly things settled down, I recovered from my labour fatigue, and a routine got established. I started reading more and more about disposable vs cloth diapers. There were so many articles out there on this that it became all confusing for me. I wasn’t very comfortable with the idea of cloth diapers.

The sentence that I read which really shook my mind was – ‘try wearing a sanitary pad for 1 year daily and look what happens.’ It was then when I planned on giving some diaper free time to my baby to avoid skin irritation & rashes. But it was so tedious even for 3 to 4 hours as she kept on peeing & pooping constantly in her cloth nappies. I was a little discouraged by this. Then finally I had the opportunity to talk to my paediatrician about baby diapering on my first visit. He told me about the ill effects of prolonged use disposable diapers, like infection, skin irritation, delayed potty training. He suggested quick dry sheets for diaper free time. I searched online and came across a variety of quick dry sheets.

I immediately ordered three quick dry sheets for my baby and I cannot explain what a boon these sheets have been. As the name suggests, quick dry sheets dry real quick absorbing all the pee. All the mattresses remain clean and stain-free reducing the laundry time significantly. These sheets are even warm, lightweight, washable and reusable. These sheets are also available in various colours and are especially suitable for our sunny Indian weather.

I was able to give almost 12 hours of diaper free time to my 2-month-old baby and I am glad about it. I used to put her in cotton nappies after bath usually and gradually increased the duration. I even kept changing the sheets to maintain cleanliness. I plan on using them every day, during potty training too in near future. These are small things but they will have a big impact on our children in the long run.

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