Nutritious Food for Healthy Physical and Mental Growth of Baby

Nutritious Food for Healthy Physical and Mental Growth of Baby

The Best Food for a Baby for first 6 months is Breast Feeding. Strictly stick to it and avoid all So Called “Desi Dawa” like Gripe water, Somva 34, Vavdi vav kumbhar nu pani, barajan goli, bla bla etc. Its better to stick to Vitamin medicines prescribed by a Paediatrician than trying homely remedies. “Coligo” is very good medicine for Colic problems (digestion problems). Parent should make sure to burrp their baby after feeding. Generally a baby will burrp twice if he/she is fed well. Paediatricians generally recommend to keep babies on shoulder for 15 minutes post feeding for good digestion results.

Now after 6 months,

A Mother can start to feed the baby with semi solid or liquid diet like banana, apple, kiwi. You can give Mango to your baby provided it suits them. As many babies get diarrhoea because of Mango. I have twin babies whom I started giving cow milk mixed with half mineral water as milk alone is heavier for them.

Daily Morning I feed my baby milkshake made up of banana/apple alternate, “farley rusks biscuit”, half water half cow milk and nuts powder. (Nuts powder receipe: Roasted -almond, cashew nuts, walnut, jaifal, saffron). All roasted differently on low flame on pan thn grinded to fine powder. Made for 15 days max, once made it should be refrigerated. Trust me, this mixture is highly nutritious and soothing my baby.

I also feed my baby with dal-rice and khichdi (specially moong dal soaked for more hours) alongside Curd. Please provide curd daily without fail to your babies. Its very good for their health.

I feed my baby with Vegetable soup made up of Carrot, Cabbage, Tomato, Potato, Beetroot and Spinach (A pinch of salt and butter for taste). Somedays I even feed them Tomato soup alone.

Cerelac/Porridge (Oats) is Optional by night.

Continue breastfeeding your baby atleast a year. Mothers can use powders like Lactomom or Lactaways to enhance their breast milk. Even Oats are said to be very good for enhancing breast milk.

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