Make Your Life Happy With Small Efforts

Make Your Life Happy With Small Efforts

Everybody everywhere seems busy,life is becoming very fast we all loosing our existence as that passes. Human has multiple emotions that we share together in some way. Besides this we all indulging in materialistic world where using advance technology to make our life easy and running behind this materialistic life, doing long working hours to make luxurious and leisure life but still not content perhaps.

We do not have peace of mind. We just to go cinema, mall, restaurants although not happy but get stressed to see the bills.We almost lost in this hi-tech world and forget to be happy. People do many activities, walk, gym diet to stay happy. weather we do not practice to stable our mind which give us a sigh of relief that we can get by meditation, where we prepare ourselves those states of mind focusing on particular thought which flying like mosquito and irritates us, but by practising you can achieve peace of mind. It does not mean that close your eyes sit and shut the door of room, sit alone or do in bolocony. Stop talking and get serious it does not mean you are meditating you just getting headache or bore soon. Meditation believes in focusing on particular thought or an object weather any thing which content your inner soul.

One day I was tired mentally and not physically and decided to paint a door of my kitchen while painting I realised  that I was enjoying and painted  two more doors because my focus was on painting the doors. I felt relax and calm. Means to share my experience happy and peace are state of mind do whatever calm us like cooking, gardening, writing etc. which will make us happy. Happiness lies in the mind.Purpose of doing this focus on an aspect of life which make us we all have a single life, nobody knows what would  happen in next few seconds. Find happiness in small things where you get peace of mind and forget the stress, anxiety and pain of busy routines. It is a mindful journey towards your happiness and emotional balance.

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