Education Is Evolution!

Education is Evolution

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These nine letters “Education” do not really mean what it should be. Everyone totally misinterprets it except a few great writers or educationists. Though many of them have said big things about education, various authorities/departments/educationists trying to bring revolution in the education industry have a more practical approach but its not really happening in a larger extent.
Students today are still striving to get the best of the marks or ranks, and that’s because wherever you go, there is a boundary line of only 60 plus, only rank holders, etc. This may sound like what was shown in a movie 3 Idiots “Don’t run after success, run after excellence and success will be yours.” Another good one stressing on the same fact was the movie Faltu. After watching such movies, we all agree that education is not just mugging up information, but it’s the core intelligence which needs to be given a good direction, be it in any field!
Once, I was having a discussion with an educationist (not by profession but by experience; Courtesy: CEO of an ERP solution providing company) regarding the same facts and was impressed by his thoughts. Education is actually the evolution of your mind and not just becoming a pile of information.  The information may help you to get through exams, qualify the toughest of entrance exams, but that can never make you a strategic decision-maker because it involves not only the knowledge or information but your intelligence as well as emotional quotient (EQ).
Now a good question arises – what is this intelligence that all of us keep stressing on? Though it sounds to be abstract, it is researched and can be measured in terms of IQ (Intelligence Quotient), which few people opine to be hereditary. Intelligence is actually the combination of reactions occurring in your neurons. It is actually how you respond to a situation. It is something that will involve the information/knowledge possessed by you and on the basis of your emotional stability, help you to reach a decision. How correct that decision is what intelligence decides.

Though many professional courses emphasise on the case-study based curriculum wherein the individuals analyse the situation and reach a conclusion; its use is still very less. Why can’t we have such pedagogy at the school level? We actually need to evolve the minds and not load them with data. Evolution, not only of your mind but of your capabilities, skills, talents as well as physical evolution is what is necessary. This will actually redefine the word “Education”!

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