A Memorable Birthday Celebration for a 4-Year-Old During the Lockdown

When your daughter is turning 4, you certainly need to have a plan for her birthday party. Throwing a birthday bash to a four-year-old definitely needs some planning since it’s the first time, they start having their own preferences and ideas for celebration. And it was seven days to our birthday party when little did we expect that something like this would happen: a lockdown of 21 days was announced. My daughter kept saying that she wanted to invite all her friends and that she would get up early and be ready before all the family members would come to wish her (Nana, Nani, Mama, Mami, Chacha and all). How I wished I could tell her no one would come because of the lockdown, but I let that be for a while as I thought about how I could celebrate it.

It was 31st of March, the day before her birthday and by that time she knew we could go out or have a party. But being a four-year-old, she was still super excited and with all the innocence she asked, “Mumma can I have a chocolate cake tomorrow?” and I had to say, “Sure, we will” because I couldn’t break her heart. 

Then my husband and I thought why not ask her what she wants to do for the entire day and plan the day accordingly. So we sat down with her asked her as to what she wanted to do and she was thrilled with the idea of planning her day and instantaneously told us what she would like to do. And the next day we exactly did as she wanted and at night she said, “Mumma, it was so much fun, I loved it.” and that just made everything worthwhile.

Here are a few things one could do to plan a birthday at home:

1.   Give a Special Treatment to Your Child While Waking Them Up – When you wake up your child, start her day by playing or singing the Happy Birthday Song. A simple gesture but would definitely get your little one charged up for the day (a family group hug and some cuddling in the bed would certainly add up). Decorating a room or an area with surprise gifts and directly taking your child there would also be fun. Kids love surprises!

2.   Let the Child Decide the Menu for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – It will make your young one feel special and at four your young one will surely take pride in being able to take decisions. Also make the child feel grown-up. (Eating your favourite food always makes them happier).

3.   Make it Memorable: Doing an activity together with your child, maybe painting, dancing, singing or any game your child loves to play. You can make a special keepsake with your child, maybe a photo frame or a painting.

4.   Keep the Kids involved: Let your child be part of the entire celebration preparations, blowing the balloons, decorating the room, baking the cake, choosing the clothes, etc. This will keep them busy and a part of the process.

5.   Plan a Special Birthday Celebration: Friends and family who can’t make it can be part of the celebration via a video call or conference call. This would make the celebration more lively. Also, you could get audio wishes from friends which would make them feel special. A special handmade gift could be made (I made my child’s sketch which she was fascinated to see).

6.  Have a Great End to a Great Day: Have a special end to the day, maybe you all could say a few words to your child, have a dessert, make a list of things you would do once you are out of this situation. And a special bedtime story should be a cherry on top of the cake.

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