Womb- A Poem on Motherhood

Poem on Motherhood

Motherhood is the best phase in a women’s life. It is the time when she feels complete. It is filled with all kinds of mixed emotions, like anxiety, nervousness, curiosity, and stress. This period cannot be forgotten by any woman; the feeling from nausea to labour pains, the movements of her baby is far beyond explanation. Words cannot describe this experience. There is a connection between the mother and her child, a relationship that starts before the birth of the child. I have tried writing a few lines describing a women’s journey of motherhood. It is magical, in spite of the pains and suffering, the feeling of giving birth carries the women on cloud nine.


The mystery remains unclear, deep within my uterus, you reside unfamiliar.

You are first only a blood clot, thriving to be a complete slot.

Nausea, giddiness will fade soon, the due date will be in May or June.

My back aches so badly; nevertheless, your wait is driving me crazy.

O God save everyone from those poking shots,
But I have to take them for your immunity, my tiny tot.

Nervous, anxious, I lay on a hospital bed,
The day of you to come to this world is all set.

Push and push with all your might,
The scenario is filled with lots of fright.

Hold your breath says, my doctor,
There are a few more minutes left to complete the picture.

Gasping for breath, exhausted, yet not tired,
The portrait of my little one is solely on my mind.

Alas! The cry of the little one I heard just now,
Yes, I won, I heaved a sigh of relief, as I lay down.

That day she was crying, and I smiled with lots of tears.
“Mother,” the only crown that day with hard work I had earned.

-Dr. Umera.

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