Did You Comb Today? – Grooming Yourself is Equally Important as Grooming Your Kids!

With my little toddler, every day passes so fast and it always seems like I am running out of time for doing the daily household stuff. Having realised that, I started to take a little help from one of my helpers who gives a bath to my baby every day, dresses him up and then waits a little longer for me to have a bath prepare or give food to my baby. Today, while I got this window of a few minutes…just before having a bath… I realised that it has been five days since I combed my hair. I have just been opening and tying my hair without combing it… I thought I should go and cut my hair short so that I will be able to maintain them. But later I thought that even if I do that, I will still need to comb them at least once a day…Then I started to think why is it that we put everything else in the house first and ourselves last. What is stopping us from doing basic things for our own self? I mean there are priority tasks which need to be done through the day and probably we want to finish everything and then take time to groom ourselves, but many times, or should I say most of the time, it so happens that something or the other comes up and we never get time to groom ourselves. So unless we put ourselves on the priority list, we will never be able to take time out for ourselves. And then we crib and feel unimportant because we have willingly and knowingly put ourselves last. Ignoring our personal hygiene can even have adverse health effects like hair loss, stress, etc. My husband always says that running a house is like running a small scale industry. We, the ladies of the house, run our household in the best way possible and have the capability to make things happen. And if we decide to put this on priority, then we can make it happen and soon we will realise that the time slot for other things gets adjusted automatically. So let’s decide to prioritise grooming ourselves daily and not forget how important it is to keep ourselves clean too, just like our kids and house…and let’s not forget to comb every day…!!!!!

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