The Journey Called Motherhood

mother and child celebrating motherhood

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Motherhood is a journey. It is all about the ups and downs of life. This is what I have experienced. I was quite casual before beginning this journey, but when I conceived, I felt something new in my thoughts and behaviour. Moreover, it was a good change.

And finally, the day came when she came out of my womb and started crying. The moment I saw her, I felt how beautiful my daughter is. Her eyes were sparkling. I knew that her vision hadn’t developed yet, and it will in the next three months, but that look made me feel delighted. That was my first day of the journey of motherhood.
In the initial two months, she never let me sleep. She was dependent on my feed, and undoubtedly that was making our bond stronger day by day.
As time passed, she learnt how to sit and switch to cerelac from mother’s feed. She was now more stubborn and moody, and she also threw tantrums. But, that time taught me patience and transformed me into a well-managed mother. She also tried to speak, and the first word she said was “Maam” which meant water in her language. I was hopeful because I knew that the other words were in the queue and soon, she would say mama, papa, daadi and daadu.
I recall the moment when she walked down on her two little feet for the first time. It was 19th of Jan 2019, 3 days after her birthday. I knew she had been trying to achieve this milestone for quite some time, and when she did, I forgot all those sleepless nights.
Then she entered toddlerhood, which was fun for her but hectic for the others. She was a naughty and active child; she was up to something adventurous in her little world all the time. There was nothing that can be kept away from her curious self, but we cherish those moments because it makes our house lively.
Now she is two years old and has learnt manners, and the basics a two-year-old should know. Undoubtedly, my effort have shown positive results, and I am quite proud of them.

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