Moms of Fussy Eaters, There's Always a Way to Get Your Children to Eat Food

Moms of Fussy Eaters, There’s Always a Way to Get Your Children to Eat Food

As I am a mother of a toddler, I know that getting essential nutrients on a child’s plate is difficult but what’s more difficult is to get them to eat whatever is served to them. 

I also struggled to get my child to eat healthy food like other moms until I realised that cooking and feeding a toddler can be a fun process. If you involve them in the cooking process, they will develop a liking for all kinds of foods.

You have to be a good storyteller when your child is young to help them understand what is conveyed to them, and this way, you will end up giving new horizons to their creative mind.

The other day I involved my little one while making hara bhara kebab for her. Since she mumbles and is picking up new words every day, I was at my creative best, showing her the veggies and everything that goes into hara bhara kebab. I told her a fascinating story to grab her attention.

Showing her a bunch of spinach I said to my munchkin, “Hi, I am Mr. Spinach, I am so green, and today I have three more friends joining me. Miss Peas, Mr. Potato, and Miss. Coriander, and they are of the same colour like me, except for Mr. Potato.” My little girl was so engrossed in the story that I guess she visualised it and helped me mash the potatoes with her small hands.

Sometimes, you have to allow your little one to be a mess so that they love what they are doing. While narrating the story, I was done making kebabs too.

By storytelling, and by involving her in the cooking process, I got my doll to relish the food on her plate. We worked as a team: I even asked her to set her plate, and we sat and ate together.  

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